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Interview with Mr. Nature Love

While spending time this weekend with my good friend and mentor, Mr. Nature Love, I got the spontaneous urge to interview him for WLIR. Lucky for me (and you) Nature was noting but excited! So here you go, 45 minutes of pure raw goodnes. (Photos of Nature and his ripped raw food body coming soon)

Download interview mp3 (62mbs)

Topics Covered

  • How I met Nature and how we become my friend/mentor
  • Thoughts on synchronicity & health
  • Nature's diet, food evolution and his arthritis
  • Working out and raw food nutrition
  • Muscle and bone, being thin but healthy
  • The spiritual element of food
  • Kissing girls while being on a raw food diet
  • Loving yourself, self sabotage & insecurities
  • Transforming together with mentors and friends
  • Evolving our internal world to change our external world
  • Ecological impact of food
  • Our body, a reflection of the Earth
  • Natural sensitivities on raw foods
  • We don't have things figured out!