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Kibbles = Big Mac for Pets


After the recent pet food scandal more pet owners are discovering the transformational benefits of raw food for the four legged friends. And to say that the pet food industry is scurd is an understatement.

For newbies who aren't familiar with the concept of pets eating raw, I highly recommending reading the following article. It gives a great overview about why pet food matters, why raw food works, what the industry feels, real testimonials and place to go to get more information.

More pet owners are giving their dogs, cats raw food
by Laurie Lucas of Press Enterprise

Here is one of my favorite quotes from the article:

Marian Temple, 59, trashed her commercial dog food 11 years ago.

"Eating kibbles is like eating a Big Mac daily," says the Riverside resident. For Mr. Journey, her 4-year-old Irish wolfhound, she buys meat at Albertson's, ethnic markets, Elwell's Farm in Santa Ana and the SoCal BARF Co-op.

Mr. Journey, says Temple, is healthy and thriving. She and others who raise dogs on a BARF diet report shiny coats, gleaming teeth, sweet breath and smaller, odorless stools because their bodies absorb more of what they consume.



Kristen Suzanne

Gosh, I struggle with this very issue all the time. I know my dog has canine teeth and ready to eat as a carnivore, but I want to make sure he's eating the highest quality meat. I've not tried the BARF products, I think I have to order them by calling because they don't sell it in my area. Thanks for discussing this issue. Cheers!
Chef Kristen Suzanne

Kristen Suzanne

Has anyone read the book, The Whole Pet Diet by Andi Brown? I tore an article out of a magazine with a review on it...talking about the consequences of feeding your cats and dogs commercial foods. Supposed to be a chilling read with powerful true stories. hhmmmm I need time to read this book.
Chef Kristen Suzanne


cutest cat ever!


I have a Siamese cat too, he is all raw and has been for about 2 years now. I just buy frozen chicken drumsticks, and chicken liver, and I trim the meat of the drumsticks, bash the bones up with a hammer, add a little liver and occaisionally a greens supplement, and he has been absolutely thriving on it. He looks like a body builder. He loves his food so, so much now I wouldn't dream of giving him anything else.
Don't be daunted by complex books etc, it is very easy and simple, and cheap to feed your cat or dog the food they are buikt to eat - raw meat and bones.

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