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Raw Food Restaurants in America


We've updated Give it To Me Raw with a master map of Raw Food Restaurants in America. As of our last count, this list includes 124 raw spots. Boo yeah!

This US map isn't perfect (it runs a little slow), so we'll def need your help to point out flaws and missing locations. And, to be honest, the real reason we launched this map so quickly was because we were having a hard time finding + remembering raw food locations when we traveled.

Also, know that we're not stopping here. Our strategy moving forward will be to continue the work on the dynamic user generated version of Give It To Me Raw. This will include the ability for anyone to add a location or review. It will also include detailed information on restaurants like menu, photos and some other good stuff. When will it launch? When it is ready of course!

Thanks for everyone's continued support, especially all the folk who have emailed us with corrections.

Much love,
the WLIR Squad

p.s. 1) We're working on adding Canadian locations, 2) No grocers were list on this national map, only raw + raw friendly restaurants, 3) we love you.




Thank you so much for the info on raw restaurants. I will definitely use this when traveling. Right now in Tampa I am enjoying Grassroot restaurant MMMMMM! Also Blossoming Lotus in Kauai, Hawaii is more of a raw friendly place, not exclusively raw. Although they have excellent raw selections and a beautiful setting to be sure.

Debbie Took


Although I can see that some parts of the US are better served than others, basically I am SO envious - 124 raw food restaurants!!
In the UK we have...NONE. There was one, but it closed. We have a vegan cafe (Bonnington's, Vauxhall) that does wonderful 'raw nights' some Sundays, but that's it. Business opportunity for raw chefs in UK I think!


yay! i love seeing my local raw cafe as the lone apple between san francisco and portland!


i have one to add in san francisco.

3906 Judah St

3906 Judah St in the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco and rests at the corner of 44 th avenue.

juice/smoothie bar along with raw entrees like pizzas, sandwhiches and burritos. they also have a raw vegan hemp soft serve ice cream machine!!! i haven't tried it cuz the two times i went, they didn't have it running yet (and this was in the afternoon).

will there be user review functionality?


We love you too! Especially because you're posting these raw resources. I lived in New York City and in Silicon Valley, and I moved to those two locations because I knew that's where the raw movements were strongest. Now I'm moving the UK but all I know is that Shazzie is going to become my new best friend. ;)

Keep on adding the raw spots, I love traveling and eating at new Raw Restaurants and juice bars!

Wendy Richesin-Dodd

I found a raw cafe in Knoxville, TN. You should add it to the list.

click on Roots Cafe.
thanks for all the great information.

Debbie Took

Hi Allisun

Re your move to UK, as I said in earlier post, no 'dedicated' raw food restaurants in UK yet, but we're networking, meeting up on 'raw nights' etc! The free, non-commercial, Yahoo 'Raw Food UK' forum is helping spread the word -

Love, Debbie Took



great take out raw in burlingame, ca!

also cafe soulstice in san mateo, ca is opening in the equinox gym in palo alto, ca in august 2007.


Kristen Suzanne

The Rawsome Cafe, in Tempe, AZ...I'm sorry to report that this is actually no longer there. They closed down awhile ago.


Vancouver BC

Radha Yoga Eatery, vegan and raw friendly, great food and ambience

There is also a raw take out , Gorilla Foods that is expanding to a cafe in September



There's a new RAW Food CAFE in Manhattan's East Village. It's located on 5th Street and Avenue C, right on the corner. Right now it's open Thursdays-Sundays.

The place is called 5C Cafe and Cultural Center. It offers fresh juices, smoothies, desserts, etc. ALL RAW and all yummy!!

RAW food in Alphabet City.


what happened? this is an amazing resource that is no longer available :(


The newest addition to the Raw Food Restaurant list is about to open on Sept. 12 in Oklahoma City. It's called the 105degrees Cafe, created by chef Matthew Kenney.

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