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Sensitivity Paradox?

After I updated my twitter account that my throat was sore from hanging out a hookah spot, a friend asked me an very interesting question:

Hey Dhru, I saw your twitter update about your throat. Sorry to hear and hope you feel better! Do you find now that you are eating raw food that you are more sensitive to things in a bad way? Like, I don't smoke hookah, but if I go to a place that has hookah, it doesn't effect me. My throat is fine and besides the fact that my hair smells, everything else is okay. I like the idea of raw food, but do you find that it makes you TOO sensitive to things?

Yes, eating a raw food diet and detoxing your body will absolutely make you more sensitive to things. But here's what my friend was missing.

Most people don't realize that they actually feel like shit on a day-to-day basis. Most people think that "being healthy" simply means one isn't sick. But because they've never had a true taste health, they can't compare their shitty-ness to a standard. They can't feel how much energy their body wastes on digestion. They can't feel how tired they still are after 8 hours of sleep. And they definitely can't feel how dehydrated and over-worked their organs are.

So yes. I am super sensitive to things like second hand smoke, alcohol (raw wine too) and even negative energy. BUT, along with that sensitivity comes the power to feel soooo incredibly good every hour of every day.

The cleaner your body gets the more sensitive you become to internal and external environments. The more sensitive you become, the more likely it is that you'll have to continually increase your standards. Standards of where you spend time, who you hang out with and of course, what you eat.

My friend saw this as a paradox. I see it for what it really is, the blessing of true health.

Just think, people are walking around feeling like crap and because their body is so use to it they have no idea how much continual damage they are doing to their health. It isn't until you place yourself into a new environment that you can actually take a step back and gain perspective.

Is it tough work? Hell ya. But nobody said you can't enjoy the ride!