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To the lady standing in front of me

I have a hard time imagining you fill your body with good raw food,
The way you're shouting about and acting so rude.
Yelling at this, snickering at that,
Dropping verbal feces everywhere like some daggone rat.

Yes, I know the service is a little slow,
But if it's fast you want, McDonald's is around the corner, now go!
This food here is made with love lady and love takes time,
Not everything in this universe can match your rhythm and rhyme.

And what is your ego really masking with this negative front?
I'm not fooled for a second and I'm sure all this is one big stunt.
Your built-up insecurities were already set to blow,
This small situation just happened to force them to show.

I'm not trying to point fingers, we all have our days,
But damn girl, your rage is burning my soul like laser rays.

So take a deep breath in and just let it all go,
And even if you don't, please do know,
That I'll quietly stand inline wishing your soul the best,
Just hoping that your green smoothie may make you a little less stressed.

Peace, Love and Rawness