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To the lady standing in front of me

I have a hard time imagining you fill your body with good raw food,
The way you're shouting about and acting so rude.
Yelling at this, snickering at that,
Dropping verbal feces everywhere like some daggone rat.

Yes, I know the service is a little slow,
But if it's fast you want, McDonald's is around the corner, now go!
This food here is made with love lady and love takes time,
Not everything in this universe can match your rhythm and rhyme.

And what is your ego really masking with this negative front?
I'm not fooled for a second and I'm sure all this is one big stunt.
Your built-up insecurities were already set to blow,
This small situation just happened to force them to show.

I'm not trying to point fingers, we all have our days,
But damn girl, your rage is burning my soul like laser rays.

So take a deep breath in and just let it all go,
And even if you don't, please do know,
That I'll quietly stand inline wishing your soul the best,
Just hoping that your green smoothie may make you a little less stressed.

Peace, Love and Rawness



"But damn girl, your rage is burning my soul like laser rays." That is plain awesome. You just made my day.


OMG....you write raw poetry too? SWEETNESS!


Good Poem.


Judging others also feels a little hostile and like laser rays burning to me. I work with people in crisis, and have often see people act terribly rude when they are scare, in pain, worried etc. Maybe they had a death in the family, received very bad news, are under tremendous stress etc. Generally if you try not to take things personally and share a little of the love that you have, you can make their day a little brighter. I remember one time a man criticizing a woman for her "sourpuss" face and saying "Nothing can ever be that bad" and the woman broke out in tears. Her son had committed suicide just a couple of hours earlier. No one really knows what anyone else is feeling or is going through. We may imagine that the woman you saw has no reason for her bad mood, other than wanting faster service--but we really don't know. If you are always capable of being positive despite all that happens to you - that is really wonderful! All I think is that when you meet someone isn't as progressed as you are that you try to be generous with kindness--you may be able to be the one good thing that happen to her that day.


Hah, okay.. wow. That really brought down the mood!

Lisa, I totally appreciate and understand you. And, please know that this blog has a place for humor. And this post falls in that place.

Much love.


loved it.


Hard to imagine these feelings coming from the guy who did an butcher restaurant review on Matthew Kenney's restaurant last year. There was a lot of bitterness there.


Oh! You mean the place that closed down?


Lisa/Laura, I kid...

Actually, I'm sorry for that. I really am. I have nothing against Matthew. I even emailed him a few times after that. I told him it was stupid on my part. Not saying he forgives me, but I'm complete with the fact that it was a dumb to post it since we don't do negative reviews on this blog.

But, hey, thanks for the reminder. I can always use an ego check. I do appreciate your comments.


I just want to take a moment and publicly give Dhru some raw hugs.

Dhru was expressing his feelings through creative writing, and with humor. I thought it was a very personal post, as he shared his emotions in regards to this experience, instead of fighting this woman with his own raw laser beams.

I really appreciated the poem. It's right up there with DW's epic poems in Sunfood Diet Success System.

~ Heidi


I loved your poem.
We get so high due to out raw food and super amazing lifestyles, when every other person we run into is miserable, frustrated and ill, it can get to you.
It "shouldn't be like that" but it is sometimes...maybe when I am a levitating yogini my bliss will automatically bliss out everyone around me, till then...grrrrr!


Aren't you doing the same by getting down on her for maybe having just a bad day? Would a green smoothie really save her and make her day brighter? There could be a thousand and one reasons why this woman is acting the way she is. It's unfair to assume, point fingers and add in that raw foods might help change her attitude and insecurities. I hope that if I ever have a bad day, and act out because of it I won't be accused of eating at McDonald's.



I have an idea, maybe you can write a response poem back! You know, like them old school days when bands would go back and forth.

And what would really be cool (I'm being serious here) is if you would pretend you were the lady standing in front of me. You would write the poem as if it were her writing it.

Dude, now that would be fun.


"I really appreciated the poem. It's right up there with DW's epic poems in Sunfood Diet Success System."

Lol! Truer words were never spoken!

It is so easy to judge when you are in a good place. May you be blessed to stay there forever. Your compassion was overwhelming.


I thought this was about Sarma for a second after reading her long rant! HAHAHA!

Bell Chung

Hey Dhru, my godfather and I loved your poem!

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