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Highlights: What are we doing?

Some recent twitter highlights from the We Like It Raw Squad:


  • Eating a crazy blended greens shake w apple and gojis. Everything is right!
  • Going to sleep w my audio teddy. His name is eckhart tolle. He's cool. And comforting. I'm sleepy. And covered in coconut butter.
  • Working from my reclaimed-from-trash leopard print couch, drinking raw cocoa concoction so can charge on into the night!
  • Paying bills, I don't lick envelopes, just dribble spit on them.  Haha.  It's all green speckled from the kale I'm eating.

Dhrumil_icon Dhrumil:

  • LOL. Today Show's segment on raw food with Carol Alt presented by "Pillsbury Toaster Strudel", wtf!
  • Just found a new spot in delaware that offers local organic produce. Check that out. Never stop digging.
  • @ holiday inn in edison catching on sleep here and there. Jain convention is over. Time for new projects.
  • If you are not happy now, there is always the next moment. So says the ego. I say if not now, when?

And from some of our friends:

  • Heidi Ohlander: My ankle is 99% healed. That was fast! Feeling better than ever. Perhaps I should run a marathon today! (then again, maybe not...)
  • tofu666: bought $10 worth (about 9 lbs.) of small cucumbers, so we're making pickles... lots and lots of pickles. ;)
  • luckygirl: trying to warm up with yerba mate. . . it's foggy and COLD
  • Russell James: Getting very excited - just had a conversation about being involved with getting fresh raw products into UK stores!
  • JungLin: Peeling a million over ripen bananas to freeze for chocolate banana ice cream later :-)
  • MissRaw: About to go to bed, seeing Harry Potter in the morning!!! Loving fruit smoothies right now. And Tahini. And Dates.
  • AlliSun: waiting for my mom and bro to pick me up for the farmer's market : )  going to stock up for the week.
  • TanjaAndrews: Wondering what to make with all this crazy zucchini! Such an awesome, prolific veggie, but it can be kind of overwhelming! Who wants some?
  • Calmhead: Tip: If you're taking concert video, no matter how loud the music is, if you're singing along the video camera will pick it up. Feh.
  • Barose: Had a strawberry/mango smoothie with pistachio butter and vanilla. Cleaned the kitchen and hand washing clothies for this week.


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