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Uganda's Mircle Man

Dhru's Note: I'm always fascinated by stories of individuals in 'under-developed' countries that are spreading the message of true health. And this story, by far, is one of the best I've seen to date.

Drdavidssali_4 Dr. David Ssali, an herbalist in Kampala, Uganda, is leading a health revolution with a simple but powerful manta:

"About 85 percent deaths are due to accumulation of toxins in the body. The best way to rid ourselves of ill health is to keep our bodies waste-free at all times,"

Using a combination of local herbs and raw food, this doctor is helping patients get rid of everything from enlarged prostates to 5.5 lb tumors. And, although his methods can seem backwards to the local population, who often look up to western medicine as the standard, there's no denying that Ssali is getting outstanding results.

"Ssali instead recommended herbal medicine to clear Buyondo’s colon (large intestine) then ordered him to sleep with a clove of garlic inserted into the anus everyday. “After about 40 days, the problem was gone. I never had to go for the operation,” beams Buyondo."

Dr. Ssali got his start in traditional medicine studying at Nairobi University, but quickly learned that "modern" medicines don't really work as advertised. Disappointed, Ssali turned to herbal medicine and whole foods. He educated himself by talking to elders in the community and by reading as much as possible. What that also means is Ssali walks the talk:

"I don’t eat after 6p.m. and I rarely eat cooked food because it is only a burden for my body to digest yet it provides so little nutrient,” he explains. He also says he prefers to eat what the cow eats instead of eating the cow itself.

Pure Brilliance! Full story at Uganda's Daily Monitor.

Sure this advice is challenging for his patients, some who've never heard of the word vegetarian, but the ones that are passionate about life get it.

“Some of the patients who have died even after being treated here are those that have not followed the instructions on how to cater for themselves after they leave this place. Persuading them to start eating only to live instead of living to eat for instance is among the most difficult thing to introduce to people,” he explains.

Buyondo [Dr. Ssali's patient] admits that it was difficult for him to adjust to not eating supper, avoiding sugar and eating raw food as much as he could. Some people however will not go the extra mile, so those with serious cases die.

Dr. Ssali concludes the interview by talking about his vision:

“I’m mostly interested in empowering as many people as I can to take care of their health like I have done with those I have treated...”

Full story at Uganda's Daily Monitor.