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A tale of two oils

When I first started eating a raw food diet it was all about olive oil. Everything I made from dressing to massaged kale had olive oil in it. I love it and felt great.

Over a period of time, as I continued the detox process, I started noticing that on days that I used olive oil I would end up having more mucus in my eyes/nose.

Then a good friend, Mr. Nature Love actually, recommended flax oil. He said it was a lot easier to for the digestive system to process and it could often be found in a fresher state than olive oil, (fresh pressed Barlean's organic flax oil).

I made the switch over 3.5 years ago and haven't used olive oil since.

Until last week that is....

Not only did I have a small headache, but I definitely felt much heavier than normal.

This maybe just my limited experience, so I'm going to open this one to the community in this post's comment section:

  • What oils, if any, do you use?
  • Have you had any amazingly positive or negative experiences with certain oils?

Would love to see if I'm onto something here.



Hemp seed oil gives me a severely nauseous stomach after eating it in salad, even though I enjoy the taste. This discovery coincided with me reading that added oils impede proper digestion so I eliminated all liquid oils for a while and just used creamed avo where ever I would usually use oil and it worked for me.

I am very grateful to hemp oil for bringing that to my attention, because my digestion has always required extra care from me in order to function properly and perhaps liquid oils were one of the reasons why.

Still experimenting with raw coco oil taken separately as a supplement (as a chilled chunk nibbled - hey, say that three times fast :), though haven't been able to have it everyday yet because it's so rich. I know that it's the liver that processes oil and I would think any oil reactions might benefit by a gentle liver cleanse or at least some liver supporting herbs and foods, like extra parsley, grapefruit, watermelon and the rind, bitter greens, etc...Luckily, I have access to neem trees and as I can't yet take dandelion greens at all other than maybe in sweet juices, which I will try, I need to remember to add a few strips of neem leaves to my bowl of greens.

Without neem one could probably add chicory's and endive type lettuce to regular greens for some benefit. The dandelion we've gotten here is just so tough and bitter. Can Not Handle!


Before I realised that even the most expensive organic first cold pressed olive oil was not raw unless it had been unfiltered I felt like I couldn't have too much because of feeling slowed down. Since I switched to truly raw oilve oil I can handle it in any amount. And it tastes so much better. I still haven't tried flax oil I think I wil try switching to it for a while after seeing Drumil's post, as an experiment.


I don't use oils a lot, but when I do it's usually sesame oil. I've read some boards saying not to use it, but I don't care, my body really likes it and it tastes just like butter to me. Someone will always tell you not to eat this thing or that, so I go with my gut (pun intended).


I don't use oils a lot, but when I do it's usually sesame oil. I've read some boards saying not to use it, but I don't care, my body really likes it and it tastes just like butter to me. Someone will always tell you not to eat this thing or that, so I go with my gut (pun intended).


Zoe- what is the brand of your raw olive oil? How long does it last inside/outside the refrigerator?


Hi Dave
I use two brands. I live in the uk so I am not sure if they are available in the USA. They are Belazu the raw olive oil in sold in litre cans and it specifies unfiltered. And I also use Tesco's own brand organic unfiltered olive oil. They do two organic olive oils and one is unfitered.
The Belazu tastes better and is my preference.
I don't keep them in the fridge, UK is not a hot country! I keep it in the cupboard. I have never had any go off. We do a bit of raw catering and classes so we go through them pretty quickly.


Hey Dave and Zoe,
Bariani is a California brand that is extra virgin first cold press, decanted and unfiltered. I buy it from the local health food store in Clearwater, Florida. I have also seen it for sale on Raw Food websites, but you could also ask your local store to order it.


I alternate flax, hemp and olive oil. As a Vata Body Type my needs for fat are higher. I would think that with you being Vata as well you are not reacting to the oil as much as exhibiting liver stress. Supporting the liver would probably clear this up. And of course you want to choose the right quality.


Thanks Peggy & Zoe.
I've seen Bariani in the shops here in New York. Will look around for the Belzau & Tesco. Not wild about using cans, but perhaps they have a smaller glass container.
I've never really had problems with olive oil (except in the weeks after doing a liver flush!), but I do enjoy the hemp, borage, and flax oils I get in the refrigerated section. They're just that much too pricey for me to use them for everything, but I do feel really well using them.

About other oils- I was in Berlin a couple of years ago at a farmer's market in Prenzlauer Berg. There was a guy there with an oil press (looked kind of like a wheat grass machine) churning out all sorts of oils. I enjoyed the Hazelnut and Walnut oils the best. Wish we had guys like that here in the states.

Interesting topic. Look forward to reading more.

Debbie Took

Pre-raw I used to LOVE olive oil! Used to drown any salad in it, mop it up with bread..loved the taste. Then after a couple of months of high-raw, made a few salad dressings that tasted dreadful. I blamed other ingredients in them - perhaps the herbs, perhaps other things, and wasted time and money making alternative versions - still tasted dreadful. It took for a month for the penny to drop...the taste of olive oil had changed for me! I did try another brand, but - same thing. Feel a bit sad really, as I still understand olive oil is basically a good thing, but my body for some reason finds the taste unpleasant now. Has anyone else experienced similar? Can anyone suggest why it tastes so different to me now? Love, Debbie Took, UK

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