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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Along with Nature Love and David Wolfe, one of the key people responsible for introducing me into the world of raw food is Arnold from Arnold's Way Cafe. And for that I'm eternally thankful.

Arnold was one of the first raw food authors who posted great content on web regularly. He had this style for taking on specific health ailments, in his monthly articles, and breaking them down into plain English that anyone could understand. And what I really loved was that he also always included a testimonial from someone he knew personally from the restaurant. I'm happy to see that Arnold has kept up this tradition, but with a new medium.

Arnold and his team have launched a video series on YouTube where they invite friends from the cafe to talk about specific illnesses and ailments they've conquered. Think high-power video testimonials!

Check out one of Arnold's latest videos that he recorded with his buddy Steve. This video, on the topic of ADHD, is actually my favorite so far.



wow. this was such a great video. . . steve is effortlessly one of the best spokespeople for the raw vegan diet- especially for young kids (and specifically teenage boys) as a well-spoken but charmismatically cool guy.

I would love to see kids having access to more people like this. . . great job finding this one!!

Vegan Steven (the Kid in the VIDEO!)

Wow... I didn't even know I was on this web page until the guy who filmed this video of me... told me about it! YEAH! I hope everyone gets motivated when watching this! ANY OTHER QUESTIONS... I'll check back on here! : )

Kristen Suzanne

I LOVED THIS! Thanks for posting it...I can't wait to share it with others :)


Great video! Raw food is the way to go. We actually have a article on our site about raw liver. You should check it out. Thanks again.

Little One

Now those two sexy guys are amazing!!
What would I do without them?

Little One

Now those two sexy guys are amazing!!
What would I do without them?

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