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Jayna Cooked, Jayna Raw


Jayna knows the power of raw food! Prepared to be amazed....

My story
The before photo is of me at age 22. I stayed this weight for the next 4 years. The after picture is from the summer of 2007. I am only 5’0” tall and went from a size 14-16 (175-179lbs) to a 2-4 (112-115lbs) now at 27 years old.

My Past
I became vegetarian and vegan very shortly after for animal rights’ reasons. I could never eat an animal or their by products again. …so surely I would lose weight right? WRONG!!! With all of the processed, convenience vegan foods out there, I fell into the same trap….vegan pizza, vegan ice cream, vegan candy bars. All still junk food. 

When I Went Raw…
I slowly worked my way back up again from 50% to 75% to 100% raw. Since going raw I have lost over 60 lbs and gotten really fit. I used to kill myself with cardio, but now I realize that strength training is what really changes the body and I do cardio only a few times (if at all) during the week. Instead of jumping all around everyday, I rebound for 20 minutes or take a bike ride or a walk. 

My taste buds have been transformed and there is a light surrounding my life. I have a renewed zest and energy for life and my daughter and husband benefit greatly from the new “me”. I have a new appreciation for all that life has to offer and now that my brain and body aren’t clogged trying to process cooked food and junk products, I am clear to envision a peace-filled, joyous life for myself and my family.

You can read more from Jayna and follow her daily raw life at www.rawfitmama.blogspot.com