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Nature Love Interview #2


Download the interview (58mbs)

Topics Covered (45 min interview)

  • Youthfulness of raw food, Nature is 41 years old!
  • Working out 101
  • Working out as meditation
  • Maintaining weight
  • Nature's daily food intake
  • Eating as meditation
  • Living with Purpose




I can't believe he is 41. He looks 21!


amazing discipline. what an inspiration!


Nature Love, you look fantastic!


i could really listen to you guys talk for hours. . . and as a sidenote it'd be even better in person because you're both pretty easy on the eyes!. . . but you have great energy, laughs, you're funny and intelligent and humble, and most of all, inspiring.

thanks for another great 45 minutes spent. . .


I finally got time to listen to the second Nature Love interview and it was absolutely a highlight of this wonderful site. Nature Love is straight forward and down to earth while expressing his beliefs about the very personal subject of raw food and nutrition. Perfect way to start a Saturday, before hitting the gym. Please keep them coming!

William Mize

Amazing and inspiring, on so many levels. On keeping on the raw path, on getting to the gym, on sculpting your body to reflect inner beauty, on being a true individual.
The man needs his own website and podcast. He is truly inspiring.


These interviews are really inspiring for a beginning raw foodie like me. Thanks, guys!


What does Nature Love feel about water? Does he drink water? What kind of water?
or does he get his water from the fruits he eats?


Nature drinks a lot of water. His preference is spring water. We both feel many raw foodies under do the water. Get super hydrated!

Russell James

Hi Dhru, any chance of getting the MP3 of this? I do love to listen to these things whilst I'm working out.


Sorry for the late update everyone, here is the mp3 link.



Dhru - Could you post a picture of that Big Silver Bowl with the greens :)

PS: Whats the diameter of the bowl?


yo8u are a true insperation :)


Is it possible to do more interviews with with Nature? He is truly inspiring.

Linus Knutsson

This is soooooo inspiring! Does anyone know if there is more information from Nature Love then these 2 interviews?


Love it!!!So inspiring...

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