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Dhru's Note: I update this article because quite honestly I posted it too fast. I hoping it makes more sense now.

Every week I meet a few food fundamentalist. People who think they have the health thing all figured out. They've read the books, they've gone to the lectures, they've posted on forum boards and now their flippin experts.

Fundamentalist rarely focus on health strategy. But boy, do they love telling everyone else what works and what doesn't when it comes to protocol. Nothing wrong with that, but their advice is often out of context and very black and white. "This is good, this is bad. This is right, this is wrong."

The thing about fundamentalist and their rigidity is that it comes from a place of fear. Fundamentalist are so afraid that they aren't hard enough on themselves or that they aren't doing the right thing, that they compensate by being hard on others. What this leads to is an "all or nothing" mentality.

They feel their approach has to be perfect or they won't attempt something at all. So they are constantly caught up in creating a story of their perfection rather than getting real long-term results. Of course nothing is ever perfect, and after awhile fundamentalist have to use the faults and shortcomings of others to prove they're on the right track. After all, if everyone else is doing something wrong you must be doing something right.

Food Fundamentalist can come from any background. Vegan, macrobiotics, atkins, raw food, modified SAD diet, and mono-eating just to name a few. But one thing all fundamentalist have in common is their idealized version of how one should eat.

In the raw food community rigidity has a tendency to show up a lot, especially by a loud minority taking advantage of the internet. But the raw food mantra is the exact opposite of rigidity. It is about abundance, adding more, listening to your gut, and constant improvement.

Stay away from fundamentalist in all areas of life. They'll suck the energy and the fun out of the discovery of food and health. And if you discover a little bit of rigidity in yourself, really examine what your intentions are eating the way you're eating. Do you want results or are you trying to fill a void?