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What's cooking at Raw Vegan Radio?


Checked out Raw Vegan Radio lately? They have two great semi-new interviews with two leaders in the raw food community.

Ani Phyo discusses the benefits of letting go of physical possessions to gain higher purpose, clarity, and emotional release. Following the flow and laws of attraction, she has managed to be highly successful while balancing a natural holistic lifestyle. Ani teaches us how to easily follow a raw food diet while traveling and on a limited budget.

Is Ani a hottie or what?!

Viktoras Kulvinskas discusses the power of our belief system, his insight into the year 2012, the possibility of immortality, the upcoming Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, Arizona, comparing fruitarian, sproutarian, vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan diets, and much more.

Raw Vegan Radio will also be closing out the Raw Summit series of calls.




Ani's interview was really lovely. I stuffed myself earlier today with yummy raw recipes. I put two kinds of Ani's cheezes with marinated mushrooms in lettuce wraps. I also made a Hawaiian guac with Sarma's jalapeno corn chips. (I wish she would have warned me about cutting jalapenos! My hands burned long into the night, and I sadly lost a contact down the drain when I flung it out of my eye in pain and thrust my head under the faucet. I wore glasses today...) Topped it all off with a piece of Ani's mango cobbler with a generous scoop of Sarma's vanilla ice cream. Thank you raw recipe goddesses!! Ooh, I think tomorrow I'll have to eat light...I'm feeling a little stuffed.

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