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Why are raw foodies so angry?

Have you ever wondered why there is quite a bit of anger and rigidity in the raw food community? Or have you ever wondered why you might be so angry even though you eat raw? ; )

It turns out that many raw foodies have major suppression issues going on. Suppression that has come from a combination of 1) transitioning to raw food too quickly and 2) not dealing with past emotional issues.

Want to learn more on this fascinating topic and raw emotions? Listen to the Raw Summit podcast by Dorit, author of 'Celebrating Our Raw Nature'.

Be sure to check out the interview today. It is only free on podcast for 24 hours.




Dhru -

It's funny you should mention this, because Heidi and I have been talking about it quite often lately.

Here is my theory in one sentence: Eating a raw food diet makes you MORE of who you already are.

In other words, if you were a kind, amazing person before, you will be so after going raw...only tenfold.

If you were an asshole before...well, you get the picture.

- Justin


Justin, I like that!


I see what you mean. Even though I am more soppy than angry.
When I was transitioning the rawness brought out my soppy ness. I remember one incident when I saw a little girl picking up a punnet of strawberries and her mum smacked her and yelled at her to put them back - their shopping trolley was full of processed meat, white bread, cola etc. And I got really emotional and just started crying. Poor kid.
It wasn't just that one time either, it always happened in supermarkets when ill looking people were buying crap food, I would just start to get a lump in my throat and have tears in my eyes.
This went on for the first 2-3 months I went raw.
I totally understand what you are saying about raw making you more of what you already are.
It faded away over time and by combining raw food with yoga, concious connected breathing and meditation. I feel like a super me! I think raw needs to be backed up with things like this to help us heal our stuff and become steady and strong.


In my experience this is true. Many raw foodist I have met are militant in their beliefs. This makes me not want to be around them or learn from them. They need to have their raw emotions, but direct them in the correct area of life, not toward friends, stangers, and corporations, but the people or things they are upset about. Most of them seem mad at their families, I think they need love from everyone, and aren't feeling it. I love being a raw foodist, the transition was very easy for me, but I was very, very sick as a child, so I learned life isn't always ideal. Go raw, be happy, be raw in your emotins as Dorit says. Namaste

Linda Salas

I posted this previously on a Forum on the same subject..hehe I´ll self plagierize:

I don´t personally know many rawfoodists..(me and my husband in our raw island in mexico, dietetically away from everyone I know), but I do notice my hubby being more verbal about his emotions and I love that, I always thought he was a little too considerate of everyone´s feelings... I notice changes in me too, I guess it´s just easier to point, hehe. I consider this a part of our growth... its true I feel like everyone I love should change to raw!! But I also understand that all the changes I´ve made (to vegetarian, to vegan and now to raw) I have done them because they came to me at a moment in which I could understand them, not because someone was preaching at me. So I don´t preach, I prepare meals, try to share them and I answer the questions I can... I´m just starting in this and I´m learning as I go! I am CERTAIN that tomorrow I may feel differently about something, I´m learning to go with the flow... Let´s see what happens!


wow, this is an awesome topic! I am currently not so raw anymore *cough*. But, when I was I felt a lot more at peace and calm. Everyone always said I was really calm, which I thought was nice in a way. I noticed I had a lot more love to share to everyone and everything. I really brings your true self out..I completely believe that. Unfortunately for my boy friend PMS mood swings were magnified as well.


We're so darned angry because a pound of almonds that haven't been roasted (read: huge amounts of energy and money spent on them) cost more than the ones that have been roasted. We're angry because Nut Butter costs more than twice what the nuts themselves would cost... sometimes more like three to four times or more than the nuts would cost. I won't mention names... but someone who has a blog on this site sells a half pound of Almond Nut Butter for $16 per *half* pound when I can get a full pound of Raw Almonds for around $6 per pound - germinate them and it's more like $4.50 per pound, meaning that I can make a pound of Almond Nut butter for around 1/7th of what they're charging... after calculating in the costs of the electricity to grind them up. My Champion juicer will pay for itself several times over in less than a year.

It should never cost me more money to eat healthy than it does to shove garbage in my mouth. The fact that Raw food is the new "High profit" market is almost a disgrace to those who sell (and buy) Raw food products. Processing, packaging and shipping can't ever make up the almost scary difference in price.

I think that I'd love to see a series called "Raw food on a *real* budget". Not all of us make $250k or more per year to be able to spend all this money on food. I barely break $100k and we're busting our rears trying to figure out how to go 90% raw with a family (2 adults + 4 kids). I'd hate to think of what a family with a more modest income does... oh yeah, they eat garbage.


Where do you get raw almonds for $6.50 per pound? Do you order online? I am asking b/c raw almonds sell for 14/lb. in the local stores in my area.


Hi Peggy and Matt,
These last couple of weeks we have stopped using almonds altogether and just substituted sunflower seeds in every recipe we normally do with almonds. We were so surprised and happy when everything tasted much better with the seeds! And sunflower seeds are a fraction of the cost of almonds, hee in the UK 1 kg of almonds is £7/$14 sunflower seeds 1 kg is £2 / $4 !!!
We are so pleased to have a solution to the pasturised almonds thing that is going to save us money and tastes even better too:)


Well here's the deal. I have gone probably 95% raw in the last two weeks and I am wiped out! I keep reading how people look and feel great and that's not happening. I feel extremely tired and depressed. Of course, that doesn't mean that I am going back to my old meating ways, but I do wonder if a)am I eating enough and b)maybe the dark greens and nuts I consume are not providing me with enough protein? Any advice and similar experiences would be great!


Expect some kind of a detox when you go raw. This is why some people like to take it really slow. Maybe you are detoxing... Maybe you are experiencing depression as a result of missing your old foods... Attatchment to cooked foods can be unbelievably emotional...Maybe you are eating nuts that you think are raw but are not. Check out our Dead Food List to find out http://www.purelyraw.com/deadfoodlist.htm
If you want any help and/or support for free, please email me and my husband Chris at our website www.purelyraw.com
We both are always very happy to help anyone who has made the miraculous decision to go raw. Congratulation on your wonderful decision, it will get better, I promise!!


Hi Zoe & Chris,

Thanks for the quick response. After I read your reply I did some research and read that my symptoms appear to be the result of detox. I also read I needed to stay away from chocolate, alcohol and coffee in addition to the usual refined foods. While I usually limit my consumption of coffee(I am usually a green tea drinker), lately I have been so tired that I have had to take a cup in the AM to stay awake and functional.

Another question is that there is a lot of contradictory info out there on raw foods. For example, Juliano's cookbook RAW includes raw carob, nuts and even wine. Does detox take place just by eliminating cooked foods or are there other raw foods that need to be reduced/eliminated?


Alot of raw cook books use ingredients that aren't raw. Check out our Dead Food List on www.purelyraw.com for a list of most of them, you probably already have!
I used to slow down or even stop my detox for a bit when it got too heavy for me by eating cooked food. Which shows that eating cooked food eases the detox off.
But if you want a quick detox, I'd say go 100%.
If you improve your diet in any way then you are detoxing yourself...taking in less toxins than before. It is up to you how quick and exstensive you wish your own detox, cleansing and rebuilding to be.

Juliano's book is outdated. He no longer uses maple syrup and non raw foods in his cooking. He doesn't even use hybridised fruit like bananas, dates and oranges any more. Check out www.planetraw.com to see what ingredients he now uses.
Apparently he has a new book coming out which uses his current ingredient list. Can't wait it's bound to be a real gem!


We get our almonds at the local Vitamin Cottage (kinda like a Whole Foods, but a lot less glamorous - their website looks like a vitamin store, about a third of their store is dedicated to vitamins). They actually have their almonds at $5 per pound (I couldn't remember when I posted). They have a relatively limited produce section though, so we end up getting our produce at the local farmer's market and then going to Whole Foods for whatever we can't get there.

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