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How about a Quickie?


As the renowned philosopher Austin Powers would say, "Yeah Baby!"

Actually, this isn't a post about how raw food will improve your sex life, ("survey says, yes!"). Rather, we're here to pimp the latest addition to our website, Quickies.

What are Quickies?

Quickies are our daily, hourly even, attempt to highlight all of Raw Friendly links, notes, chats, photos and videos we stumble upon. Think fast and intense Raw Goodness.

Quickies are also our way to feature not only the happenings of raw food personalities, but the beautiful expressions of daily health rangers who had the courage to share their work online. From podcast and blog posts to Flickr photos and Twitter updates...yes, it is official, the raw food scene is blowing up!

Here are a few examples...

So keep the links and ideas coming (rawfood@gmail.com). If we don't have a chance to feature them on our main blog, we'll do our best to serve them up as a Quickie.