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Raw Food, the fad diet

Beanie babies were a fad. Hula hoops were a fad. The Russian Air Force, Cabbage Soup and Atkins diets were fads.

Here's why Raw Food / Live Food is not a fad:

1. Not about losing weight:
Fad diets are first and foremost about losing weight. All the marketing behind the fad is focused on dropping dress sizes quickly. There is no larger purpose beyond weight loss and the deception that fuels the growth of fad diets tries to convince people that this diet is a quick fix. Comparatively, the focus of Raw Food is superior nutrition and health abundance. Sure, a lot people have amazing weight transformations while eating primarily Raw Food, but consider that a side-effect of feeding your body exactly what it needs.

2. Raw Food is Holistic
Anyone eating a Raw Food diet for more than 3 months will tell you that the reason raw food works is because it isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle. Raw Food's holistic approach encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual transformation. Pick up almost any Raw Food book and you'll find at least some pages focused on the importance of exercise and meditation. Read the blogs and forum boards and you'll notice that "food" is only part of the conversation. When you deal with the root cause in one area of your life, you can't help but to deal with the root cause in other areas of life. Even if you want Raw Food to only be about what you eat, just know know you're in for a surprise!

3. Organic Growth
Most fad diets can trace their source to a sole author or organization. They grow quickly in recognition and use a top-down approach to convince the masses that "everyone's doing it". Compare that to the Raw Food community and you'll find that most people hear about "raw" through their friends. You'll also find that the Raw Food community is growing organically and is not dependent on any one teacher, author, coach or restaurant. Everyday new enthusiast are contributing to the growth of the community by writing books, opening eateries, starting blogs and twittering. No one man owns Raw Food (hah, although David Wolfe comes close) and therefore no one person can monopolize or stunt its growth. This also means that the community continues to become relevant to the modern times.

4. A return to our roots
I'm not going to get into how long humans have been cooking, but what I will say is that we've never, in our history, had less Raw Food in our diets. And, not only are we eating less Raw Food, but we are eating more processed foods than ever. This "diet" isn't something new that some hippie invited while smoking up in the back of a tie-dye bus, Raw Food is a return to our roots. But why has it become so popular in the last 10-15 years? Well, for the first time in our recent history, it is finally possible for a large number of people to eat this way with no where near the effort it took previously. The birth of the internet, advancements in food technology, massive eco-education and the rise degenerative diseases have created a perfect storm where it's not only possible for more people to eat Raw, but it is absolutely crucial to our evolution, (unless you want to depend on Medicare).