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Lucy Before, Lucy After


Oooohh yaaa! Doesn't the new Lucy look amazing?! Man, stuff like this gets me excited. Excited that someone out there, someone looking for answers, might just end up Goggling and stumble upon Lucy's story. And hey, maybe you didn't get here by Googling, but you're here and now here is your change to be inspired by Lucy's story.

And a beautiful story it is. In her transition to raw foods (at the age of 52), Lucy picked up a whole new life and had the chance to drop off the following:

  • 45lbs of excess weight
  • daily migraines
  • thyroid problems
  • prescription medications

Here's Lucy in her own words...

I am 53 have been Vegetarian for 26 years, Vegan for 2 and have had horrid migraines my entire life. Six years ago I was diagnosed with a non-functioning thyroid. No migraine medicines would work for me. The meds for my thyroid were constantly being changed – increased to help “regulate” its function. I was totally at my wit’s end until www.alissacohen.com was plopped into my lap.

I have been 100% raw for over a year now and have not suffered ONE migraine – NONE!

AND my thyroid is now functioning properly and I am totally off all medication for that. I have and continue to do extensive reading all that I can regarding raw foods. I am living proof that eating raw IS healing and does work. I drink a 34-36 ounce green smoothie in the morning (loaded [heaping tablespoon each] of kelp, dulse, spirulina, Alissa Cohen’s Green Food Powder, and maca), greens (lots) of my choice, fruit, and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Lunch is whatever fresh fruits and/or veggies are available and a dip or a dehydrated “something” like crackers, breads, or “burgers” and a dessert, such as brownies, fudge, super candy, etc. Dinner may be another green smoothie or fruits or veggies. I am not deprived of any foods by any means.

I also get up and “move” every day; some form of exercise. I have eliminated about 45 pounds. All this in less then a year! How amazing! I truly believe Alissa Cohen is an Angel sent to me – to heal and cure me. I will remain raw the rest of my time on this circle of life called EARTH.

More details from Lucy

Folks! This is monumental! For those newbies or those diagnosed with hypOthyroidism? Background: about six years ago I was diagnosed with a dead (non-functioning) thyroid. I thought it was about me getting older. I was getting more and more tired and really attributed it to getting older. Well - after about a year and a half I went to a specialists. He has put me on every dose range possible. From the lowest, going all the way up to the highest. Since going raw 10 months ago, I've been back to him 3 times. The first time he was amazed at how my numbers had changed - for the good! He questioned what other meds I was taking. None doc. Your's is it.

"What foods are you eating?" Just fruits and veggies doc. "Nah, that shouldn't have anything to do with these numbers." Um, okay.

So he cuts my meds in half.

Six weeks later I go back. Same questions. Same answers. Oh - this time I tell him I'm drinking green smoothies. Same answer regarding foods should have nothing to do with the numbers. Well then why are you asking me? Mind you. He's short, fat, and bald. I don't put a whole bunch of trust in his diet choices. Cuts my meds in half again. He claims I'm hyperthyroid now. I was on a pretty high dose before starting raw. I can't remember, something like 275? Is that possible? I honestly can't remember. I know it was 200 something. Then I go back a third time. Yeah, you got the drill. My numbers have improved, he cuts my meds. This time he didn't even bother to ask about meds or foods - he's learning.

I went back today. As we were walking back to his office I ask him how he is, he's fine. He asks me how I am. I'm fine I say. No you're not says he. Why? He says you're still showing hyperthyroid numbers. I'm giggling to myself and as we get ready to sit down in his office I say to him,

"Hey doc - I got an idea. How about if I go totally off the meds and come back say in two months and you read me again? I mean you're reading my meds right now, right?" "WHAT???" was his response after he picked his jaw up off the floor. So I repeat, "You're just reading my meds right now, aren't you?" "Well, uh, yes, actually I could be." So he took me off.

Reassuring me that when I come back I'm gonna feel not so good, in fact so much that we may have to start all over again with the meds, you're okay with that, right? (He's asking me). I say to him, "Well, you know, I could come back here feeling REALLY good, 'ya know?" "Well, yes", he chuckles, "you could feel good. But you let me know if you start feeling bad, okay?" I say to him that I'm glad I feel THIS way as opposed to how I felt a year ago. He says that being hyper has it's bad points too, such as osteoporosis (sp? - not good bones) and heart conditions. He doesn't realize just how healthy I am.

I'm not gonna feel bad. He's gonna feel bad when he realizes he's lost a patient. Well, no, not really, he'll have fifteen other poor souls that will take my place in line as one of his patients.

I am so stoked that I have met my goal in less then a year! Any thing else will be secondary to these TWO monumental healing that raw food has done for me.

  • The first being my migraines gone after 53 years of suffering and my life being destroyed by them. Even migraines meds did nothing for me.
  • And now my thyroid curing/healing itself by eating raw.

How simple. How beautiful!

And just a quick update....
I went back to my doctor this morning (June 27, 2007) and I have done so well with my "progression" that I am no longer his patient. My numbers are showing a perfectly functioning thyroid, and if I need to come back then to do so. Meaning if I start feeling poorly, then to come back. I don't believe I will see him again; as a patient that is. YAY!!!

So, with that said - anyone who has ANY doubts that raw is not healing, I am living proof. Our bodies are very forgiving, healing, and amazing machines!!