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Work and Food

The number one reason people under perform at work? They don't feel good.

For some people not feeling good comes from doing work that they just don't enjoy. But, for an even larger group of people, not feeling good at work comes directly from the lifestyle they live. Specifically, from what they put in their mouth.

Feeling bad at work isn't just about sick days. It's about the minor ailments most people have learned to accept and just work through. Minor ailments like headaches, backaches, cramps, acid indigestion, moodiness, muscle paid... the list goes on.

But the two biggest ailments that effect work the most are 1) lack of focus and 2) that general feeling of being tired. These two ailments are also the most directly related to food. Just think about all those times you've eaten a big, highly processed meal at work and how you've seen your energy and attention plummet to the ground.

The great thing about being unfocused and tired is that both feelings immediately vanish when one starts incorporating a good amount raw food into their diet, (especially greens). Ask anyone who's been eating a fair amount of raw food what they first noticed when they transformed their diet and they'll surely say, "clarity and energy."

Most people have made it this far in life with a sub-par diet. Can you imagine what the hell they would be up to if you felt energized and focused everyday? What would it look like to never have an "off" day again?

Here's an energy + clarity tip for those of you that are in the process of transitioning in more raw food: Focus on a green breakfast. Start your day off with a big beautiful green smoothie. Can consuming a green smoothie for breakfast everyday alone can radically change your life for ever? Hell yes! But make sure to green it up proper. The greens are what mineralize your body, remove the urge for cravings and alkalinize your blood. Do this for a couple of weeks watch your energy transform.

See, by focusing on the consitency of getting that green goodness in everyday, you'll feel so good that you'll naturally start to make choices that continue to further your inner evolution. And since the goal is consistency, not perfection, you'll ease your way into feeling amazing without struggling with the yo-yo factor most dieters experience.

Here's to happier work play days. Happy Labor Day.




so true about the green smoothies. i had my first one ever on friday and i felt like i had a brain transplant. actually, i had 4 (didn't realize how much my blender would yield).

yesterday i did not have a chance to make one before i left the house. and so the one i had today, felt like my first one all over again. loving the green smoothie goodness!!


All this is true, but I have to add that EMF radiation, canned air (positively charged ions=bad news), and toxic coworkers add to my feeling bad at work. Recent science has determined that sitting near a laser copier is far worse for your health than second hand smoke. Plus just sitting still all day long... within 1/2 an hour of leaving I always feel immeseley better.


erica, have you tried an orgonite device? these seem to help me at work, i keep them on my desk :)


I really want to add green smoothies to my diet as well, but it's hard being a college student in a dorm. There are crystals which reduce all sorts of radiation, plus negative energy from toxic co-workers.
Try placing some in your environment and wear a small pendant.

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