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Crazy Sexy Cancer Interview, Kris Carr


Download the interview (48mbs)

Topics Covered (35 minute interview)

  • Kris's work with Donna Karan and the Urban Zen Initiative
  • How much Kris loves blogging!
  • Her thoughts on the rise of integrated medicine
  • How her journey with food as "medicine" started
  • Small-measurable steps Kris took to head in the right direction
  • Why people should feel happy watching Crazy Sexy Cancer
  • How Kris got connected to Sheryl Crow and introduced Marianne Williamson raw food at Pure Food and Wine
  • Her response to people who find "Crazy Sexy Cancer" offensive
  • Her appreciation for the other women profiled in the movie
  • Kris's thoughts on health fundamentalism
  • How she found Hippocrates Institute and made learning about raw food fun
  • How her diet looks now compared to when she started raw food
  • Lessons learned from Natalia Rose
  • Goals and thoughts on being 100% Raw vs 80/20
  • What the support of her husband Bryan truly meant to Kris
  • How partners can allow each other to find their own center
  • Balancing male and female energy through the healing process