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Raw Halloween Recipes

Yes, yes, we know Halloween has been a commercial -aka fake- holiday for many years now, but that doesn't mean you can't get into the spirit in a conscious way. Use this celebration as an excuse to mix some good food with some good company and just chill out.

In fact, why not go all out? Just close the lights, light some candles, un-plug your doorbell (can you do that?) and lock your door. And if you've got a significant other, maybe you guys can even throw on some costumes and bust out the raw coconut oil, (hint, hint). I'm just suggesting options here!

Hah, anyway... Regardless of how you spend your Halloween weekend, you're going to need some fantastic raw food. I've combined a list of some festive recipes that will not only nurture your soul, but they just might make your taste buds dance too. Here we go!


Tootsie Rawls by GlimR via Raw Food Talk

Dhrumil's Comments:
I normally just lock my door and turn off the lights so I don't have to participate in the Halloween candy drug trade, but this year I might just make a batch of these and pass them out. Hah, actually, on second thought, I think you can get arrested these days for giving out non-store candy.

GlimR's Comments: When I made the carawmella bars the chocolate layer reminded me of tootsie rolls...I made these using the chocolate layer from the carawmella bars..kneaded lucuma powder into it till it made a very stiff "dough"..pinched off pieces and rolled in wax paper. These do not melt at room temp but are soft...very chewy from the freezer but would be fine in the fridge..

Click here for the full recipe


Spicy Bruised Bugs from 365 Halloween

Dhrumil's Comments: A colorful vegan recipe that can be made raw friendly. See the author's recipe notes.

365Halloween's Comments: Spicy Bruised Bugs is so named for its bright shades of "bruise" green, yellow, and black, and it’s teeny tiny size. You can use tiny cookie cutters to shape the carrots, or just chop them into bug-sized bits.

Click here for the full recipe


Mess-O-Greens, from Teri of The Daily Raw Cafe

Dhrumil's Comments:
So this isn't exactly a Halloween specific recipe, but it does look like Swamp Thing. And if you have young kids, sometimes they just need a little roll-play action to get into eating healthy. But it won't be hard with this dish! Not only does it looks crazy, but it also taste's amazing.

Teri's Comments: Although, I'm originally from the Midwest, raised in the West and long to live in the East, I grew up on this Southern dish. Imagine my mom's surprise when I told her she doesn't have to cook collard greens to enjoy them. Who knew?

Click here for the full recipe


Black Tahini Milk by Adriana Rosas via Gone Raw

Dhrumil's Comments: Take Adriana's recipe for Easy Tahini Milk and replace the standard Tahini with Artisana's Black Sesame Tahini. Add in a tea spoon of Sarma's Chocolate Truffle Butter and man, you've gone one scary drink! And by scary I mean ghostly-black and scary-good. ; )

Adriana's Comments: Just blend at high speed and there you got milk!

Click here for the full recipe


Pumpkin Pudding by Kandace Nuckolls of Gone Raw

Dhrumil's Comments: Now what would Halloween be without at least one pumpkin recipe?

Kandace's Comments: Not being a huge pie fan, I adapted this pudding from a pumpkin pie recipe taught in a raw cooking class by Bruce Horowitz. Pictured with both the variation and toppings described below.

Click here for the full recipe