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Erini Before, Erini After


When you've tried everything that's "supposed" to work, and it doesn't, then what?

Erini's Story

I was born with a sweet tooth - not sure if it is because mother would wolf down two bags of honey syrup Greek sweets every day whilst pregnant with me!

I turned vegetarian at the age of 15 after seeing an animal cruelty documentary, but this made me turn to heavy food even more. I was a bad vegetarian - pastas, chocolates and thick, warm bread were part of my daily menu and Greek pastries were my doughy comfort. As  a result, a bloated belly, puffy face, lethargy after eating and huge sugar/ caffeine mood swings became  part of my daily life. I would kill myself jogging, exercising and pretty much feeling like a hamster on a treadmill. There were periods where I would  try  veganism, a little fasting, juicing, food combining but there was still a large piece of
the puzzle missing as the bloatedness and tiredness would not go.

I wanted to do (and still do!) a million things with my time on Earth and not having the energy was frustratingly anguishing. I reluctantly came to believe that the belly was just a part of getting older with slower metabolism -   until of course, I was recommended good old Shazzie's 'Detox Your World' and my own world shot out of orbit and entered 'rawbit'!

The weight fell off effortlessly, the energy levels were supreme, I could mark my students' essays much easier and my mood was brighter, calmer. My raw dance had begun! That's not to say that over the past 2 years it hasn't been without its stop and starts, trips and trials but that's how I found my burgeoning rhythm. Saying I am 100% would be too rigid as I am sure not all the  cashews and honey I consume are raw, but I am near enough.  Now I have teamed up with another raw nutritionist here in Cyprus where we help people get started with raw, offering support. Spreading the raw message gives me such joy that I
feel I have found my calling in life.

And personally, I love the word 'Raw' - it is powerful, earthy, sexy and a great pun with ROAR. How wonderfully apt!

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