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Interview with Sacred Chocolate Founder, Steve Adler


Download the Interview (46 mbs) | more from Steve at Naturaw.com

Topics Covered (33 Minute Interview)

Sun Gazing

  • Steve's favorite spiritual book, Love Without End
  • What he learned from HRM
  • The changes that sun gazing has brought to Steve's life
  • Steve shares a little bit about the dynamics of sun gazing

The Intention behind 'Sacred Heart'

  • It's much more than the name of his chocolate
  • Did you know that Steve prays over every batch of his chocolate?

Everyone loves chocolate

  • The rise in interest around chocolate
  • How Steve's mission influences his chocolate and makes it stand out

The low down on Ingredients

  • The 411 on Maple
  • The 411 on Agave
  • Why does Steve include the skin of the cacao bean in chocolate?

The process of making chocolate

  • How Steve designed his chocolate factory
  • The importance of making chocolate the old fashioned way

Steve's Raw Food Journey

  • How Steve was originally inspired by Tony Robbins work
  • Steve's vision behind his food empire, Sacred Foods
  • His own spiritual transformation

Steve's tips for We Like It Raw Readers transitioning into raw food

  • First and foremost, be gentle on yourself
  • Learn how to make your own amazing salad dressing
  • Learn how to make great tasting raw smoothies
  • and more on the audio, just hit play!