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Show some love to our community

I'm calling out to all of our established Raw Food Twitter folk for some help.

I need your help to welcome our new Twitter Buddies and show them some love. Add them to your list, introduce yourself to a few, and yes, nudge them if they haven't updated in a while. Basically, welcome them like only the raw food community can!

Here are the first round of Twitter Buddies. It also features who's been partnered up with who.

Now go on, bring sexy back.

Here's a message that I sent all the buddies via email:

[ 1 ] Be a good buddy:  We wrote an entire post on how to be a good buddy - Click here to read it

[ 2 ] Getting Started: Once you've added your buddy and introduced yourself, a great way to get started (in supporting each other) is to share your 3 major goals for the day with your buddy. They can be goals related to diet and exercise or even things about your personal / professional life. What ever floats your boat. The idea is not only to meet someone new, but to grow with them by sharing goals and then being accountable for them.

[ 3 ] Questions: Got questions? Hit me up - rawfood at gmail dot com