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Twitter Buddies 101

We had a great response to our call for raw folk to join Twitter. Big thanks to everyone who joined. Our raw food community is that much better with your presence!

As mentioned in our post, we would be honored to partner up anyone who was looking for a twitter buddy. The idea around Twitter Buddies is simple:

  1. Get partnered up: Let us introduce you to a buddy
  2. Share: Tweet away and share your life in 140 characters or less
  3. Grow: Focused sharing leads to growth - on an individual level and community level

Ya heard?!

For those of you that asked for a Twitter buddy, we put together a simple guide - check it out after the jump. For those looking for a buddy, we still have room. Email us at rawfood@gmail.com

Twitter Buddies 101 - Making the most of a partnership on Twitter.com

Meet a buddy, introduce yourself, enjoy each others company and rotate after 2 weeks.

[ 1 ] Go Mobile

  • If possible setup your mobile phone with Twitter. It is easier to update on the go and also allows you to get your partners + friends updates sent to you via Text Message.
  • All you have to do is click on the "Settings" link, the click on "Phone & IM", add and verify your phone, and then enter Twitter's short-number (40404) into your address book (more directions Twitter.com).
  • From then on, when you want to update your Twitter, all you have to do is send a text message to 40404. Just be sure to keep it to 140 characters or less - that's the whole idea of Twitter
  • If your phone isn't signed up to send or receive text messages, you can still have a Twitter Buddy, it just isn't as much fun. Instead of your friends notifications going to your text, they go to your email.

[ 2 ] Meeting Your Buddy

  • Once you've been partnered up, get started by introducing yourself to your buddy. You can do that on Twitter or by exchanging emails. I think it's more fun to do over Twitter because it forces you to be short and sweet.
  • To get started, give them the basics. Tell them your name, where you're from and what you're up to in life. From then you'll have an opportunity to get to know your buddy further as time goes on

[ 3 ] Sharing + Growing
So now that you're buddies, what do you do next? Live your life and Tweet about it.

  • Sharing: Here are some questions to get your started sharing - What are you up to? How do you feel? What are you eating? Are you making something special? Do you have a question about a product? Maybe an ingredient? What are you buying from the store? Are you at a special location?
  • Growing: Growing comes when when two or more individuals leave space for listening (not just hearing). The great thing about having a Twitter buddy is that you can learn a lot just by asking questions. Don't feel shy to ask your partner what they're up to and how much they are enjoying life. Or more specific question like what their favorite smoothie recipe is.

[ 4 ] Twitter Etiquette
Here are a few things to keep in mind while Tweeting

  • Short and Sweet: Keep your messages sweet and to the point. Twitter is about micro blogging - don't write a book by sending multiple messages at a time, all the time.
  • Frequency of Updates: There's no rule to how often you should be Tweeting. My only suggestion is to update at least 2-3 times a day or you maybe robbing your partner of your friendship. From then on, its up to you.
  • Private Message: Keep your messages public so that the community can enjoy your conversation as well too! But if a message calls for privacy doing that by text is easy, just type "d name". You'd replace name with your partners twitter screen name

Need a partner? Email us at rawfood@gmail.com