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Victory Garden

Do you remember reading about Victory Gardens in Social Studies? How cool was that idea. The idea of sacrifice, independence, and the profound idea that every individual played a part in our overall success.

I've been thinking a lot about starting my own garden recently. I've always grown herbs and a few small things like tomatoes, but nothing serious. Then earlier this year, back in January, Nirav's uncle drove us out to his 2.5 acre garden just outside of Bombay - wow - was I blown away. He had lemons, limes, star fruit, oranges, two different types of mangoes, at least 15 different types of vegetables, many more flowers and a two-story bungalow for his family to just chill in. Can you say sweeeeeeeeet?

I'm looking to start off a bit smaller here in Delaware - back yard smaller - and then I'll work my way up to a few acres in India. I know its quite late in the season for a garden, but I figure I can grow a couple of things indoors, collect + compost leaves and get a learning jump on next year. I'm also planning on buying this video, Organic Home Gardening Made Easy:

Do you grow stuff? What do you grow and where/how do you grow it?