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Creating Community + Facebook Group

We Like It Raw Facebook Group: Make new friends every week

This past Sunday I had dinner with Anthony aka the Raw Model - man, did we have a blast. Not just because we ate the most amazing food at PFW, but because we had so much common ground to share. We talked about the fulfilling and non-fulfilling aspects of work, inspiring our friends/families to eat healthier, crazy ex-girl friend stories and the importance of community.

No matter how big or small your community is, it is important to have one. A group, or even couple of friends, that are like minded and interested in furthering themselves. Friends that are open, friends that can share new experiences with you and friends that can just hear you out.

Both Anthony and I have seen tons of people who give raw food a "shot" and feel great, but then quite all together NOT because it isn't working, but because the social pressure to conform was too much to handle.

Had those individuals had community, they would have known that everyone goes through these experiences and everyone messes up. They would have known that it isn't about being 100% raw - it is about being 100% real. They would have known that this lifestyle is about finding your own place, taking things slow and, most importantly, shooting for consistency over perfection.

More to come on some of the projects that Anthony and I have in mind, but in the mean time....

In an effort to make community a little easier, the boys and I have created a We Like It Raw Facebook Group with the intention of introducing like minded people. Every week we'll take a few people from the group and introduce them to the rest of the group. If you are a cool person, or would like to meet some cool folk, join the group and spread the word.