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20' somethings lunch recap


Last Saturday (Dec 8th) We Like It Raw hosted a young & raw 20-somethings lunch. Dude, did we have a blast.

Lunch: The day started off with about twelve of us met up for lunch at Bonobos. Over the course of two hours we talked about a whole host of subjects. From staying raw during winter to green business. You could see the excitement in peoples eyes as they traded information and inspiration. And man, everyone who came was so kind and totally in sharing mode. Too much fun.

Alex Grey Gallery: After lunch a few of us headed over towards the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors to check out the work of Alex Grey. Big props to Anthony for adding this stop to our agenda. Anthony checked Alex's work two weeks ago and new that it would be perfect for the group. But what Anthony didn't know is that our group was in for a little surprise.

Right as I was leaving the coat room at the gallery... in comes Mr. Alex Grey himself. Being the kind man that he is, Mr. Grey stopped for a few minutes to talk and subsequently agreed to say hello to the young raw foodies group. The craziest part about all of this was that just earlier in the week Alex was at Pure Food and Wine with his wife celebrating their 30th anniversary. Alex and his wife have been into raw foods for a few years and totally appreciated the fact that here was this group of young people all eating healthy not because they had to, but because they wanted to.

Alex's mission in life is to awaken consciousness through his paintings -and something tells me that standing there with us, the young raw crew, he couldn't help but to feel that times are changing.

Talk about synchronicities....


Wouldn't it be awesome if you organized a little meet up in your town like this? In fact, why don't you go create a group on Give it to me Raw, invite some people you know or don't know to help you plan a day trip and go have a blast.

A few more photos of our day here and a short (very short) video of our lunch here.