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Green Vegetables: creating your own reality

Click here to see the clip.

Thanks for the clip Jenna!

What happens when you start including greens, especially in juice form, into your routine regularly? Here's a pretty typical example:

From Neeta at the Integral Dynamic Healing Blog:

A month ago, I started juicing and that changed everything for me.....after only ten days of drinking green juices in the morning, my body started craving greens, more and more greens. Nutrient dense, fresh, clean foods. In the beginning I used to dislike the green powders I added to my juices as well as to my water, then I began to love them.....I found myself one morning making a paste with two scoops of green powder and using my fingers to lick it all up......wierd or what!!!! My body started rejecting sweets, those yearnings began to fade away.

It's amazing how quickly the body goes into auto-pilot when you bring the essence of life, green juice, back into the picture.

Good stuff Neeta!