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NYC Meet Up, this Saturday Dec. 8th

We Like It Raw is hosting another young person's meet up this Saturday in NYC (with the help of Anthony + Philip). We'll be getting together at 12noon for lunch, and then making our way over to the COS Gallery to check out Alex Grey's amazing work. Will you join us?

The primary age range of the last few meet ups we've had have been 22 to 35. If you're 35+ you're still welcome, just make sure you bring an iPod and say words like "cool" and "awesome" a lot.

Click here to get the full details

Here's a photo from a small WLIR Dinner hosted in San Francisco this past weekend. Nirav and I would like to thank our friends Simone, Kati, Meredith and Monika for joining us for good food and great conversations.

From left to right: Dhrumil, Simone, Nirav, Kati, Meredith and Monika.