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Daniel Vitalis: an interview with the alchemist


Download the interview (69mb) | 50 minutes

Our guest this week is health motivator and alchemist, Daniel Vitalis. Regular readers of We like It Raw will remember Daniel from his fascinating youtube videos on water magic and elixir crafting. Chances are that your reaction to those videos was the same as mine.

"Wow! Who is this guy and how can I learn more from him!"

Daniel's videos were originally produced for thebestdayever.com community by Len Foley and David Wolfe. In addition working with that tag team, Daniel is a raw food chef, personal health strategist and co-founder of Ambrosia Mystique - a chocolate and elixir catering enterprise, (big thanks to Daniel's business partner, and my friend, Gabrielle Brick for setting up the introduction).

Daniel has been a student of live food for the past 14 years. His journey's have taken him through a vast range of health experience that have sculpted his current mantra: design and eat food with total and complete purpose.

To get a better understanding of how these experiences have shaped him, I started off the interview by asking Daniel about that moment in his life where his health journey started.

Daniel is available for paid health consulting sessions at milliongoldcoinpoint at gmail dot com

Topics Covered

  • Daniel's personal health journey
  • His experiences with Natural Hygiene
  • How David Wolfe influenced his path
  • Elixir Craft 101
  • Learning from our ancestors and other cultures
  • The power of spring water
  • The science of metals
  • 411 on : honey, agave, stevia and yacon Root Syrup
  • Why we need salt
  • Daniel's upcoming retreats and current ventures