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Do you think they get it?

At lunch yesterday with a friend a question came up: "Do you think they get it?"

By "it" she was referring to raw food and it's power to heal. And by "they" she was referring to the health care infrastructure, but more specifically medical doctors.

"Do you think they get it? Are they starting to understand all this? Are things changing?"

To which I replied, "The docs don't have time to get it and there's no incentive to get it."

Docs at all stages of the game have a set curriculum and agenda (one that is often set by people with no medical training whatsoever). And making progress or paying attention to anything outside of that curriculum is not rewarded, encouraged or safe, (I'm generalizing a bit).

The system is too big, with too many obstacles setup to discourage people from changing it. Some are very apparent- no grant money for studies without direct patent opportunities (where's the money in natural cures?), and others are hidden - little government incentive for major disease prevention programs, (since fed doesn't pay the bill for health care, compared to the EU).

Sure their are a lot of open minded doctors and health care professionals out there that are trying to shift things. But many of them are forced to make a clear distinction between what they do personally and what they practice as part of their work. Only the most ambitious doctors are starting to break free of the system and set a new course. The ambitious ones are trailblazers (Alejandro Junger, Gabriel Cousens, Thomas Lodi, Mehmet Oz), but at their best they are skipping the traditional health system and working directly with patients. And now with Allopathic doctors loosing incentive to keep the system status quo, (insurance premiums, law suits, more deadly sick patients), you have younger doctors-to-be feeling the pressure and looking for alternatives.

A health revolution is brewing and people aren't waiting or expecting doctors to get it. And the docs in the know aren't waiting or expecting the system to get it. The road to health doesn't have any hospital pit stops or lead to Drug City. It's lined by fruit trees and vegetable gardens and takes people to a place where "health" and "fear" aren't found in the same sentence.

True health: by the people, for the people.