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Gabriel Cousens - Cure for Diabetes event recap


From right to left: Philip, Gabriel Cousens, Dhrumil, Samantha, Mihir, Nirav and Parashakti

The Gabriel Cousens / Cure for Diabetes event, hosted by the WLIR Entourage on January 15th, 2008, was the most successful event we've hosted to date. Just under 200 tickets sold and a total of 230 seats filled, (the rest were VIPS like Kris Carr, Dr. Kokayi and many of NYC's finest raw food establishments).

Here are a few photos from the event

Although Gabriel was taking about the power of live food, the event was focused on diabetes rather than "raw". In that sense it was our first mainstream event and a great one at that. My guestimate is that only 10% of people in the room were individuals on a 50% or more live food diet. That means a lot of people heard about the power of live / raw food for the first time.

Photo by Sean Moser

Just as important as the turnout was the flow of the team. The WLIR team (Philip, Mihir, Nirav, Anthony and myself) couldn't have asked for better partners to host this event. Samantha, Parashakti, Michael Bedar (Gabriel's first assistant who helped behind the scenes) and Gabriel himself were all amazing.

The squad will be up to much more in 2008. Later this week we'll be announcing a big event that we'll be hosting on March 29th in NYC with a superwoman from overseas.