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Interview with Philip McCluskey, our newest WLIR team member


Download the Interview (52 mbs) | more from Philip at LovingRaw.com

Our guest this week is Philip McCluskey, one of the raw food communities rising stars and one of We Like It Raw's newest team members, (starting next week he'll be contributing to the site on Thursdays).

Just two years ago Philip was eating fast food twice a day and weighed in at 400lbs. He felt he had run out of options and was certain that if he didn't have surgery, he'd end up with a serious disease or even dead. But Philip didn't go through with the surgery.

Although he had tried every diet in the book, he felt he still had one thing he hadn't explored. That defining moment set Philip up to take a journey that would go beyond his wildest dreams. In 1 year he lost 100 pounds and started the process for a major physical, mental and spiritual detox. During that journey Philip would also find his true voice, and realize that his story could provide inspiration to others.

To-date Philip has lost a total of 140 lbs. Listen to the interview to hear how he did it and what lessons the journey taught him.

Topics Covered

  • Hitting 400lb, the defining moment
  • Gastric Bypass as an option?
  • How a woman in Europe changed Philip's life
  • Controlling food to control life
  • Letting emotions rise to the surface
  • Tools to handle and open the soul
  • Staying successfully raw
  • How Philip's family reacted to his massive transformation
  • Being heavy is more than just loosing weight
  • How Philip's life has changed since going raw
  • Philip's take and appreciation for the raw food community