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Meditation with Gabriel Cousens, Jan 14th

Join us (yup, we'll be there) for a relaxing 1.5 hour Shaktipat and Satsang meditation session with Gabriel Cousens.

Date: Monday January 14th, 2008 (8 PM to 9:30 PM)

Location: Jivamukti Yoga School (Krishna Room) 841 Broadway (between 13th & 14th), NYC

Cost: Free to attend, bring good vibes as a gift

Satsang, being in the energy of Truth in the presence of a liberated or awakened spiritual teacher. Satsang gives meaning, value, heart, and energy to spiritual wisdom teachings and spiritual life energetics. In the Kabbalah, satsang is termed yechidut. Sangha or kehila (chavurah), which is spending time with spiritual people or community. Expanding and refining the mind with spiritual wisdom teachings, the great scriptures such as Zohar, the Torah, the Tao Te Ching, the Vedas, great mystical poetry such as that of Hafitz, Rumi and Blake. Wisdom literature helps formulate and focus our consciousness and expand it. Zero Point, sacred music and spending time in nature are also part of this Foundation.

On Tuesday January 15th following this event, don’t miss out on Dr. Cousens lecture and book signing on There is a Cure for Diabetes. For advanced tickets and further information please visit: www.21daycure.com or email events@21daycure.com