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Raw Foods on E! Entertainment [Video]

So great to see my buddies representing on E! Entertainment: Gabrielle Brick, Rory Freedman, David Wolfe, Juliano and Nwenna Kai (whom I've not met but heard really great things about).

Big thanks to Ryan for the video.

Although they gave dietitian Andrea Giancoli the last word, there was really something interesting about what she said or rather, didn't say.

First off... shows like this, bless E!'s heart, always give the last word to the dietitian, but in the past the experts totally bashed even the idea of eating mostly raw. In the last year though, I've noticed that these experts, like Andrea, have been way more receptive to the raw / natural mantra. At least more than they would have 3 years ago.

Can they sense a shift in the air? Are they noticing that every other celebrity (who cares about their body) is seriously giving raw food consideration? Are they noticing that people feel let down by traditional advice from dietitians, doctors and the FDA?

I have at least three relatives that are dietitians, five that run hospitals and at least fifteen that are doctors (we're Indian, it's in our blood). Five years ago, when I was one year raw, the wave of disapproval was was tsunami size. I'm talking huge. Today, after countless conversations, great recipes and lots of Green Juice, almost everyone sees the light or at least knows the light is there. Not all of them are raw, but the mental shift is totally there.

Like they say in my favorite show The Wire, "A new day is coming!"

Except this time it's for real.