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Raw Abroad, 7 travel tips to make your trip the best ever


One of the biggest obstacles to maintaining a diet high in living foods is traveling. Personally, my biggest problem always came from my innate curiosity to try new dishes available in the countries I was visiting. I wanted to try Thai curries, sushi in Hong Kong, and REAL Mexican food.

When I indulged on those dishes, I paid the price physically. I lost that feeling of sharpness and had to sleep a least 2 hours more  night. But looking back, I'm glad that I went through those experiences. Although it was my intention to stay raw the whole time, deep down inside I really wanted to try the new dishes. I wanted to explore. I wanted to discover. And now that I understand that feeling, I've been able to find a positive outlet - discovering exotic fruits.

What I also found is that I'm much more likely to stay raw if I'm prepared. I can't emphasize enough how important this is. When I would travel with little preparation I wouldn't have the support system to stay raw. Good intentions are basically useless if you aren't physically prepared to stay mostly raw. It doesn't matter how long you've been eating raw...if you go somewhere unprepared you'll find yourself in a tough situation.
I've had a chance to see first hand how these two ideas can make a difference. This recent trip of mine, to Cambodia, Borneo, and Hong Kong, was the first time I was completely detached from wanting to try exotic cooked dishes.

Looking back on my recent trip, I noticed there were very specific things I did to set myself up for success. I've grouped them here in hopes that some or all of them will work for you as well.

Tip 1: Get Excited

It's really about getting super-excited for the exotic fruits, wild foods, and new possibilities. This will replace the feeling of not trying new cuisines while traveling if that is where you are at. After all, it's not the food you want, it's the emotion that comes along with trying new things and turning your travels into an adventure. This is very important to realize.

I could care less about curries and stews and this or that...it's basically all the same anyways. After having all those things, I realized that I really wasn't missing out on anything after all. It was the idea of "culinary exploration" that I was going for, not necessarily eating cooked stuff.

Tip 2: Greens

A huge challenge will be keeping your intake of Greens at a proper level. I always travel with a big bottle of superfood, and bring along little jars for day trips. I was adding in green superfoods to my coconut water the whole time and it made all the difference. I also make a great superfood fudge that stores really well and gets me through the tough times. If you're extra nice to me, I might just show you how to make it.

Tip 3: More to life than just food 

Why do most people turn their travel experiences into one big eating fest? Eating becomes such a huge focus while traveling and people are constantly worried about their next meal and what they'll eat. I would love to see people gravitating away from all of that.

When your journey isn't just about the food anymore, it creates an opportunity to delve into other parts of local cultures like art, history, dance, and day to day life. I also want to learn more about local plants and animals as well...there is just so much out there that we are completely clueless about.

Tip 4: Like-Minded Friends

Having an understanding and compassionate traveling partner (or better yet, a fellow raw-foodie) will make the experiences light years easier, and probably much more enjoyable. I often gave in just to comfort the others that were traveling with me. I would have been happy eating a papaya and walking around, but everyone always wanted to sit down somewhere...every few hours! That's no way to travel.

Travel with a like-minded buddy or at least someone who's open enough to take on a new travel experience. Sit down with them before the trip and really set the intention for what's to come. They'll get excited, you'll get excited and you'll be able to support each other along the journey.

Tip 5: Your day pack

Consider bringing along the following items:

  • Green Superfood: Vitamineral Green, Sun is Shining, Pure Synergy
  • Raw Honey or Agave: Only good quality dark agave or Organic honey, forget about the cheap stuff, you deserve the best.
  • Bee Pollen
  • Goji Berries and/or Cacao Nibs
  • Dried fruits and nuts: take it easy on these and always try to soak them the evening before consumption.

Tip 6: Train your eyes

Keep on the lookout for your exotic fruits and try everything. You'll be amazed at what you find if you only know where to look. The locals are best for that. Don't be shy, just ask people in the local communities where the best markets are, and the best locations to pick wild foods.

Also, in many countries, a local guide can be hired for as little as $1 an hour to show you around and ask detailed questions to vendors like..."Do you use pesticides? Is this honey cooked? If I buy 3 will you give me a good price?" 

Tip 7: Grow and Learn

Travel for pleasure is a luxury our generation has been able enjoy like no other. The real beauty in it comes when you understand that everywhere you go, you have an opportunity to meet yourself. Travel in that way is about learning more about other places and people, with the intention discovering more about yourself. Always keep that in mind.


Be sure to be a strong example of your home country...(The USA needs all the help it can in that area right now) and please... get a phrasebook or at least go online for 20 min and write down key words like:

  • Thank you
  • Please
  • How much?
  • Yes & No
  • and of course, "cheaper?"

Haha... you get the point. A little goes a long way.

And a little planning goes a long way. Be Prepared. Have your essentials, and your chances of having the best trip ever will skyrocket.

Safe travels...and never stop exploring. You will always discover more of yourself in the process.

With gratitude,
Anthony aka Raw Model

Anthony Anderson is a 26 year old, 2+ year raw food vegan - who lives in New York City. By day he's a model and by night he's a raw food blogger / spiritual warrior. Anthony is one of the latest additions to our entourage of authors. That means you can look forward to reading about his adventures, once a week, here at We Like It Raw. But to get your raw model fix daily, you can follow Anthony at RawModel.com