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Steve Pavlina: Raw Food for Smart People

Steve Pavlina, a blogging superstar and personal development coach, is currently writing about his 30 day raw food journey. Today he's on day 17.

Steve is being coached on raw food by one of my buddies Roger Haeske. Roger and I originally met 5 years ago at a NYC Raw Food Meetup.

Both Roger and Steve are on a slightly modifited Dr. Graham high fruit diet. I tried a high fruit diet 4 years ago for 6 months and found that it didn't work for me. Specifically I felt ungrounded quite a bit and I started having cravings for cooked foods. But, hey, everyone's different.

While I'd love to see more dark greens in Steve's routine, I still think that it's great that such a well known author is publicly giving raw food a shot.

Thanks to Kasia Kustal for reminding me to post this.