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A New Earth - Awaken to Your Life's Purpose with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah

Earlier this week Oprah announced that A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle was going to be her latest book club selection. I couldn't have been more ecstatic!

A New Earth was just as profound for me as The Power of Now, maybe even more profound. I really enjoyed it because Eckhart took "the present moment", which is very much about your internal world, and built a structure around it that showed me how it could manifest presence in my external world.

I knew Oprah was a big fan of The Power of Now, but I never expected her to choose A New Earth as a book club selection. Well that's not 100% true...

Late 2007 Sarma and I had an opportunity to have dinner with Eckhart and his partner Kim Eng. Kim and I first met at a conference that I chaired this past summer (2007). After the conference she had a day of down time so I took her to New York City to check out the mega Whole Foods and the raw food scene. Naturally we ended up at Pure Food and Wine and of course she loved it. We set the intention that when Kim and Eckhart came back to New York City, we'd all have dinner together.

Fast forward to late 2007... Eckhart and Kim join Sarma and I in the garden of Pure Food and Wine. Hugs are shared, we all sit down and a deep stillness fills the outdoor space. I casually ask Eckhart how his day is going... "Doh! Is that  a dumb question?," I say to myself. "All we have is the present moment, does it even matter how his day is going!?" Man, I need to relax with this mind chatter. Just say present Dhru!

Noticing my slight nervousness, Eckhart laughs and casually tells us how they just came from recording a multi-part radio series with Oprah for her XM Radio program. I ask Eckhart how it went and he enthusiastically replies that it went quite well. Kim chimes in and notes that this is a big step for Oprah - to publicly endorse something this different. Kim also adds that Oprah has always been a big fan of the message, but has been waiting for the right time to introduce it on a large scale to her audience. And with a global shift in consciousness starting to take place more rapidly, it seems that the time has come.

Here I am thinking that XM Radio is large scale (which of course it is) but dude, I never thought Oprah would take it all the way! BOOK CLUB! Damn! Now we're talking global conciseness shift baby!

The best part about Oprah's announcement is that they (Oprah and Eckhart) will be hosting a free 10-week-online-class every Monday night. To sign-up, all you have to do is reserve your space via Oprah's online community. Class starts Monday March 3rd, so you have a bit of time to read A New Earth if you haven't already.

Also, keep a look out for Kim Eng too! She'll be blogging on Oprah.com about manifesting a new earth both internally and externally.

Much love to the entire Eckhart Teachings family the Harpo family and a big thank you to Eckhart and Kim for inspiring so many.

Can you feel the shift?