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Beef and Hope

The largest recall of beef in the history of America is underway and surprisingly the nation is pretty calm. Or American media is calm. Sure the story has gotten traction, but disproportionately so compared to the hysteria around the spinach/e coli scare. Everyone's talking about the story, but almost every media report I've heard (except for the two I heard on NPR) closed their interviews with an expert who said that America has nothing to worry about.

Isolated incidents. Bad apples.

And people keep buying that bull. They eat it up because what else is there to do. Who's going to question beef? I mean come on... "Beef, it's what's for dinner," right?

Lots of people are saying, "Well no one died yet right? It's just a safety recall." Are you kidding me? Just take a look at the numbers. Ya, but no one's died of mad cow right? Here's some thoughts on that subject from The Ethicurean (thx Oscar):

"The United States hasn’t had any major outbreaks of mad-cow disease. Of course, that could be because we haven’t looked very hard. There are 97 million cattle in this country. In 2004, a busy year for the USDA, the agency tested 759,000 cattle and found three to be infected. That’s a sample rate of less than 1 percent."

Most beef eaters look at the undercover video that started this all and feel a mix of emotions. Sure it's wrong to treat animals like that, but part of them knew the process wasn't pretty. They didn't expect much else from the industry. In fact, except for a few people on the fence, I'd suspect that most people would rather not know what's going on with their meat. And the industry knows this intimately.

Is that because people stupid? Is that because people don't care?

I honestly don't think so. Rather, I think it's a case of hopelessness. No one wants to hear about tragically bad news if there isn't some sense of hope that accompanies it. Hope that makes it worth caring beyond just this recall. Hope that gives individuals inspiration to do things they previously wouldn't have felt were worth the effort. Hope that inspires people to give a damn.

Right now that hope is missing. Sure there are a lot of suggestions on what people can do, but most of them are not worth the effort to the public at large.

  • Public advocates tell you to call your congressperson
  • Ethical eaters tell you to switch to Organic / Free Range Beef
  • Vegetarians say go without

Is the goal really eating less meat? Or calling my congressperson more often? Or switching to free range beef?

All these are fine ideas and I for one am truly thankful that we have so many conciseness individuals doing the best they know how where they can. AND I also know that the world is ready for more.

By "more" I mean true health. Health that comes from a shift in paradigm. Health that reevaluates the entire picture. Health that has the power to transform the way people show up on this planet.

If you're reading this blog post it's probably not by accident. You're here because you care about food and you know that there is real hope. Even if you aren't a raw foodie, you know that the idea of eating fresh foods filled with life makes sense. It makes so much sense that in a world filled with cooked everything, you're still willing to give a try. If I was a marketer I'd call you an early adopter. But since I roll on a spiritual tip I'll call you conscious.

Being the conscious cat that you are, I know you feel a shift taking place. Information is following and it's never been easier for the best ideas to find ripe minds. And, that being said, there's still a lot of work that needs to be done. Your friends, family, colleagues and strangers need to hear what works (and what doesn't). They need to hear about your success and they need to hear that there are others out there that are paving a new road to health. They need to know there is support - yes it is small right now, but rapidly growing everyday.

They need hope and they need you to give it to them. Show them what's possible by being a shinning example of health - both mentally, physically and spiritually.

Start juicing, start a blog, start a business, support businesses, start speaking, stat a potluck, tell a friend. It doesn't matter what you do, only that you're not playing small.

Play big, spread the Hope.