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[Deal of the Week] Get 10% off the most amazing Raw Organic Hemp Brownies


Known for creating some of the most fantastic raw truffles around, UliMana has now entered the Brownie business. And boy do they know what they're doing! These little treats are so good that I ordered a whole case to have as snack foods at my sister's bridal shower.

Regularly priced at $14.00, these wholesome morsels are being offered to We Like It Raw readers at $12.60 (shipping included).

WLIR readers get 10% of UliMana's new line of Raw Organic Hemp Brownies

Description: UliMana currently has three types of hemp brownies. 1) Walnut, 2) Mulberry and 3) Cacao Nibs. The base brownie is made out of Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Agave, Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Hemp Powder, Organic Vanilla Beans and Celtic Seal Salt.

Why we love them: Of course they taste great, but here's something that made us smile - The recipe for many snacks at UliMana manifested themselves to owner Theresa through insights during mediation. The brownies are also packaged in 100% Biocompostable Containers.

Good intentions, good actions. Gotta love it.