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[Deal of the Week] Get a Vita-Mix 5000 for almost 50% off


Nothing says raw power like a Vita-Mix Blender.

With a 2 horsepower motor, it has the ability to warm soup in 3 minutes, juice whole foods in 60 seconds and make the smoothest green smoothies you've ever seen. It's no doubt that this machine has become a staple in the raw community.

If you've thought about getting one, but were hesitant of the $490.00 retail price, well, then today might be your lucky day.

Deal: Vita-Mix sells used blenders (certified and checked) on their website for a cool $249.00

Description: These used Vita-Mix 5000s have been checked and are in certified working order. They let you enjoy the Vita-Mix advantage at extraordinary savings. 1 year warranty.

Can we vouch for their quality? No doubt baby! Philip actually purchased his first Vita-Mix using this very  same deal.

Why we love it:

Here's Anthony in the kitchen showing off the power of the Vita.

Note: Deal of the Week is a new Friday feature from the We Like It Raw Entourage. Unless clearly noted, we do not not make a dime off of the products we features.