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Dhrumil and the Raw Divas on the intention behind We Like It Raw, Spirituality and dating tall girls

In honor of Valentine’s Day the Raw Diva's Tera Warner interviewed bachelor and team lead Dhrumil Purohit about his background and raw food journey. Here's your all access pass to learn everything you've ever wanted to know about the man behind the blog.

1 hour and 8 minutes | Download the interview (12mb) 

Topics Covered

  • How Dhrumil's dad played a big roll in shaping his idea of family + friends
  • "Being the change you wish to see," how to be the hub for raw food in your community
  • How rejection prevents people from playing big
  • Keeping things fun and growing the raw food community with team work
  • How does raw food fit in the world of spirituality?
  • Why discipline doesn't work long term
  • Is Dhrumil inundated with requests for dates from raw ladies? Hah, not really.
  • What type of girl does Dhrumil dig? Listen to how he dodges the question at first ; )
  • Dhrumil gives the 411 on his personal goals and the We Like It Raw Team
  • Family and the importance of staying close
  • Dhrumil pre-raw food and post-raw food
  • Themes that show up for people who are successfully raw

Big thanks to Tera Warner and Amy De Wolfe for creating such an amazing space on the web for women to learn about raw food. Be sure to add their blog to your RSS feed and take on their 3 day green smoothie challenge.