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Dhrumil discusses his journey, staying young and how to get started eating raw

Normally it's Dhrumil who's asking the questions, this time the tables are turned! Here's an interview that Chris Brisson and chiDiet.com did with team lead Dhrumil Purohit about two weeks ago. The interview has some great insight on how Dhrumil got started on his raw path and the events that shaped his approach to creating community.

51 minutes | Download the interview (47mb)

Topics Covered

  • How Dhrumil got started
  • the youthful spirit of We Like It Raw
  • The Raw Food Entourage's Clubbing adventures
  • Dhrumil's mentors (Nature Love, David Wolfe, etc)
  • How individuals can get started on the raw food diet
  • Choosing the right "vehicle" for you

Big thanks to Chris and chiDiet for spreading the good word. More great stuff and fantastic raw food testimonials via the chiDiet blog.