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Dr. John Green M.D and David Wolfe on the benefits of raw and getting started

Here are two great videos that I came across reading the Raw Food Success blog.

Video 1: Dr. John Green M.D. from Australia talks about benefits of a plant based and raw food diets

Take Home Points: Statistics show that individuals who are on a plant based diet are 200 times less likely to develop cancer. Additionally, they are 20 times less likely to develop heart disease, obesity and diabetes, and those are just stats on a cooked plant based diet. Just imagine what it would be on raw diet? Dude, I don't even get head aches or the common cold. How the hell am I going to get cancer, arthritis, or heart disease? Once you go live your changes of developing a degenerative disease are astronomically low. Disease is always a bi-product of your internal environment. A clean, live and oxygen rich environment doesn't create the space for dis-ease.

Additional Thoughts: It seems that Dr. Green and the host love the idea of "going raw", but aren't sold that it's for them. Or rather, they think it's too tough. That's where David's video comes in...

Video 2: David Wolfe on 'Why and How to Start a Raw Food Diet'

Take Home Points: The body's digestive tract becomes weak on a cooked food diet. 2) That's why people who've been eating cooked for quite sometime need to ease into raw food. They have to build up that muscle again.

Additional Thoughts: 1) The easiest way to get your greens in are green smoothies!, 2) Don't forget about high quality raw food fats. A lot of high fruit / high sugar raw foodist will notice that over the course of a few months they'll start developing cravings. Fats, especially high quality oils, in addition to your daily green intake counter these cravings.

More great videos and posts at Raw Food Success Blog. Be sure to add them to your RSS list. Blogger Annet has some great stuff fore sure.