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Garam Masala, an exclusive raw food retreat, March 13th to March 16th

This March we'll be hosting an exclusive (you have to hip with it to come) raw food retreat in the Poconos. But this isn't just any old retreat... This is raw food retreat-ing taken to the next level.

Garam Masala - March 13th to March 16th, Poconos, PA

Garam Masala means "Warm Mix" in Hindi, and that's exactly what you'll get at this retreat - a warm mix of wonderful people, live food and enlightening activities.


This is the chateau that we'll be staying in.

The details

  • 2 meals a day and a morning superfood elixir
  • 3 lectures total (Philip on mind, Anthony on body, Dhrumil on Spirit)
  • Group discussions
  • 2 live food demos
  • Activities: Nature walk, visit to a natural spring, inspirational movie night, karaoke, free time in the game room or hot tub
  • 16 spaces total, 13 spaces left as of today morning, Feb 25th
  • $350 all inclusive retreat (We're actually hosting it at cost)


More photos here

Interested in attending? Shoot us an email at team [at] welikeitraw.com