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Got Endurance?

My Check List

  • Juice Feasting 1 Month – CHECK!
  • Raw endurance and strength – CHECK!
  • Weigh less that I did when I was 17 – CHECK!

One of the most common questions that I have been asked while on the Juice Feast is: “Do you have energy?”

The short answer:  YES

When you take the time to give your body a rest from the constant eating, digesting, and processing, you will find your body will happily thank you and will reward you with a surplus of energy and mental clarity.

Sure there may be a period that your body will go through detox and be pretty sluggish, but after that passes you will be pleasantly surprised. 
There really is nothing that can compare to the feeling.  One night I was out and about and literally slept for 45 minutes before starting the new day… and I still was fine. 

This adventure in Juice Feasting is quite an experience of being Empty.

Emptiness in my stomach
Emptiness in my emotions
Emptiness in my mind

It is such a strange feeling to have a stomach that is empty, all the time.  Literally void of any heavy, dehydrated, or normal foods of any type, just juicy liquids.  It feels really good overall.  Being overweight my whole life I never really experienced the feeling of “hunger,” ever.  I still don’t think I have, as the feeling of hunger goes away while feasting, but I feel that I understand it a bit more now. 

This feeling of emptiness can also move into the dimension of the emotions and the mind.  A complete cleansing: not judging of self, not reacting, not even analyzing at times, just being.

To just be.


  • Day 1 - 260.0 lbs
  • Day 10 - 249.4 lbs  (10.0 lbs lost)
  • Day 17 - 244.4 lbs  (5.0 lbs lost)
  • Day 24 – 238.6 lbs  (5.8 lbs lost)
  • Day 31 – 234.6 lbs  (4.0 lbs lost)

Total Weight Loss while JF: 24.8 lbs

Total Weight Loss since raw: 165.4 lbs

Keep it Juicy!

Philip @ Lovingraw