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Multi-Task for Raw Success


There are usually two big complaints that people have with juicing and exercise:

  1. The large amount of time that it takes to complete both activities
  2. The lack of pleasure associated to doing them. Aka, "It feels like work" or "It's hard"

I used to suffer from this same limiting mentality, especially about juicing. I did all my juicing of green leaves with a manual Healthy Juicer and found that it would usually take me about 45 min a day to complete. I had to come up with a strategy that would still make my time as productive as possible in other areas.

So what did I come up with? I attached the listening of success tapes and audio books to juicing, and usually audio books and documentary watching to exercise.

By doing this, I was combining something I really enjoyed (i.e. music, audio books, interesting movies) to something that I wasn't so fond of yet (juicing and exercising). This marriage sped up my transformation and brought me up to the next level without having to exercise much will power at all.

You MUST come from pleasure if you expect a new habit to take hold. By forcing yourself to do something that you don't yet WANT to do, even if you know that you really should do it, you will only secure your failure for later. Which usually happens after people loose the initial momentum of getting started.

And since starting this habit, I have listened to more TTC Lectures, success tapes, and language courses than anyone I know. I learned to understand and speak Spanish while juicing. I learned about ancient civilizations, religions of the world, insights from some amazing raw foodist, and authors like Emerson and Thoreau all the while at the juicer and on the elliptical machine at the gym. Talk about feeding your body and mind at the same time.

This is the idea, the plan: match for success. Use technology for success. Take advantage of how compact mp3 players are these days, and how easy it is to rent and download wonderful documentaries. There is just no excuse anymore not to learn whatever we want to, basically for free, and improve our physique at the very same time.

All of my exercises are done at home now, while I watch documentaries and some raw food DVDs. I am learning more than ever and my heart rate is high. I save time and money by working out at home, and discipline isn't even a factor anymore because I love doing it.

We are busy animals, much busier than our ancestors. But that does mean we can't make time for the most important things that matter. The habits that literally have the power to transform us both physically, mentally and of course, spiritually.

Instead of asking "Why Cant I?" ask "HOW can I?" How can you maximize your time juicing, exercising or anything else that you'd like to make progress in. Its all up to you baby!

Eat Raw, Get Ripped.

p.s. Here's a video I did a few days ago on how I maximize the process of making my daily green smoothies.