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Pepsi Raw

Pepsi is launching a new "all natural" drink in the UK called Pepsi Raw. Don't get excited. It has nothing to do with raw food and is pretty much the exact opposite.

Via BuzzFeed:

Pepsi Raw: Apple extract, plain caramel coloring, coffee leaf, tantaric acid, gum arabic, cane sugar and sparkling water combine to make Pepsi's less fizzy, "healthy" new beverage, which has made its debut in England. You know what would go great with Pepsi Raw? Some free-range Twinkies or maybe some grass-fed Dipsy Doodles.

Actually, I am a little excited it's launching. Pepsi pulling this move is like President George W. Bush calling his school reform act No Child Left Behind or Pervez Musharraf promising to host "free and fair elections". All three of these things are so far from what they're claiming to be that they draw more attention and scrutiny from people who wouldn't have otherwise been bothered.

Side Note: Entire companies, fortunes and industries have been built on spin. Companies like Wonder Bread and Philip Morris built iconic brands by telling people their product was one thing when they knew it was another. Soda companies, which are clearly aware of the research on their products, are no different. But things are changing. It's getting tougher and tougher to spin to the masses. Especially in the world of natural foods, because the people that make up the raw, vegan, green, organic, local, and natural community are some of the most educated purchasers on the planet.

So thanks Pepsi! Thanks for shooting yourself in the foot. The raw food community applauds you.