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Steve's Raw Food Diet Conclusions

So how did Steve Pavlina fair out on his 30 day raw food trial?

I’m glad I undertook this 30-day trial. I certainly learned a lot from it. As for whether I’ll continue eating this way, that remains to be seen. On day 31 I was delighted to return to cooked food, but after the fiasco of doing so and becoming ill from it, I’ve been eating mostly raw since then. Now that this raw food diet has become a habit, it’s not nearly as hard to continue as it was to begin. I’m certainly curious about what it would be like to eat this way long-term, so it seems likely I’ll continue eating raw (or at least mostly raw) for a goodly while longer. I bought lots of fresh fruit today, so if I don’t keep eating this way for at least another week, a lot of food will go to waste.

Regardless of what happens next, I must declare this experiment a success. I can’t see myself going back to my previous way of eating, so it does appear I’ve made some permanent changes, but it’s too soon for me to grasp what exactly they are. Time will tell.

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