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Will Work For Change

This week was all about… Change. 

Just when you think that you’ve got the whole “game” down pat, someone goes and switches the rules up on you.  Having been raw for almost 2 years I have had my share of experiences: releasing tons of weight, a major shift in spirituality, increased mental clarity, quitting my job of 11 years, and pursuing happiness are just some of the few.  But, I was to find out there are plenty more changes to come…   

I used to be a very emotional eater.  Whether I was sad, bored, depressed, angry, or even happy, I would eat.  I would eat to fill the void or to suppress my emotions so I wouldn’t have to deal with them.  I would eat heavy junk food until I was numb, tired, and couldn’t feel anymore. 

Then after switching to raw foods I found that the food, being so light and alive, didn’t do as good of a job of suppressing the emotions like it did in the past.  I then realized I had two choices, I could either go off raw, or I could deal with these feelings once and for all.  Needless to say my raw detox has been quite the time of releasing as I chose to deal.

Then just when I thought I figured it all out, I started a juice feast.  Now if I thought raw food let the feelings flow, juice feasting, forget about it!  I am sure it’s different for everyone but I definitely have been having past stuff stir up along with my daily green drinks.  Issues that I buried away, emotions that I thought I resolved but didn’t, and even new ones came to the surface.  A couple of times it seemed overwhelming, but that’s just when I take a moment to let those things rise to the surface, and then I grab my broom and sweep them away. 

I know others have that have been juice feasting, or even transitioning into raw for the first time have been having a bit of an emotional detox, so here are some tips:

1. Observe your emotions, but don’t analyze them. 
2. The past is over, it’s past, release, forgive, and move on.
3. Worrying about the future never changed anything.
4. Energy flows where your attention goes.  Keep your attention on the here, now.
5. Take a break from your “thoughts.”  Try meditating or falling still for a moment.

Hiking has been my major source of exercise ever since I started to include cardio into my diet.  Then as the cold weather crept upon us I switched over to rebounding.  As amazing as rebounding is, I found that it wasn’t enough for me because I really wanted to start toning and conditioning my body a bit more.  So, I joined a gym.  This time it was not because I “had” to do it, but because I “wanted” to do it, I actually look forward to going now.  Feeling the soreness of the muscles, the sense of accomplishment of giving your all, and the adrenaline rush I receive from pumping out a good set, well, there really isn’t a substitute. 

Here are some tips for your next gym fix:

  1. Forget about everyone else, nobody is staring, just get in your zone.
  2. Listening to motivation music or audio books makes time fly.
  3. Proper form is better than higher weight.  Always keep your form.
  4. Breathing is the name of the game.  Holding your breath can cause a hernia.
  5. Smile and be the light inside your gym.  Maybe someone will ask you about the green juice inside your sports bottle.  You may have the opportunity to share healthier choices with them.  Some of them are only one protein shake away from a heart attack. 

For more workout tips listen to Nature's last interview.

I’m starting to get all the jokes from my friends on how I look “like a hippie.”  My hair isn’t even a half an inch long, but right now it’s the longest it’s probably been in 15 years.  I have only had long hair (maybe 4 inches) once or twice in my life and am considering growing it out again.  I never did like the whole hairspray and styling gel procedure, glad I know about coconut oil now.  We shall see how long this “trial period” lasts; I usually end up shaving it once I see my cowlick!  Thoughts?

Juice Feasting - Day 17


What do you get when you mix an Italian, a Puerto Rican, and a Juice Feaster?
Garlic, Garlic, and more Garlic.

I started experimenting with some new juice combinations and am happy to report I found an amazing one.  This is my version of a V8 type of drink and is definitely my new favorite.  I have made it probably every day this past week and still have not gotten tired of it.  One night I thought, “If a little is good, a lot must be better.”  So I upped it to 5 cloves of garlic and a tablespoon of cayenne.  Went pretty good going down but… well; lets just say stick with the recipe.

Phil's better than V8 drink 

  • Romaine (3 heads)
  • Parsley (1 bunch)
  • Celery (2 heads)
  • Cucumber (1 whole)
  • Radish (1/2 bunch w/ leaves)
  • Tomato (2 whole)
  • Lemon (1 whole)
  • Garlic (2 cloves)
  • Cayenne (1/4 tsp)
  • Maca (1 tsp)*
  • Mesquite (1 tsp)*
  • Pure Synergy (1 tsp)*



  • Day 1 - 260.0 lbs
  • Day 10 - 249.4 lbs  (10 lbs lost)
  • Day 17 - 244.4 lbs   (5 lbs lost)

Stay juicy!

Philip @ Lovingraw